Nami Cheek
The Straw Hat Pirate crew have boarded a beached ship, belonging to Prince Eric and his crew, and are using their abilities to help get it unstuck and back in the water, in return for payment of course! As Max trots along deck observing everything, his nose picks up a tangerine-like scent, and he instantly runs toward it's source.

MAX: Woof!  Woof woof!

The scent belongs to Nami , the only female member of the crew at the time. She turns to the dog and grins.

NAMI: Well, hey there, mutt!  Like what you see?  And smell?

Max barks as he nods his head, making Nami laugh as she she bends down to scratch Max's fluffy head.  The large sheepdog takes the opportunity to lick Nami's face, making the redhead laugh as she holds her wet cheek.

NAMI: Good to see you're in a playful mood!  Those are the best kind, y'know!

Max then starts licking her hands, soaking them in his drool.  Nami laughs and scrubs her hands dry in Max's fur, which she begins ruffling even more to get the dog excited.

NAMI: You're in a very playful mood, yesyouare, yesyouare, yesyouare!

This succeeds in exciting Max, and he barks before giving another huge lick to Nami's cheek.

NAMI: Buahahahahahaha!

Max then looks down at her feet, pulls her sandals off with his teeth and then slobbers all over them.  Nami falls to her butt, toes wiggling as she laughs.

NAMI: Hahahahaha!  N-no, not the feet!

Nami leans forward and tries to gently push Max back, but it does no good as he slurps her wiggling toes.  The girl ends up falling backward and lying flat on her back as she continues to laugh. 

NAMI: Pahahahahahaha!  Good dog, good boy!

Max then starts licking Nami's bare legs, his tongue moving up from ankle to thigh.


Her arms are next, his tongue slurping all around them as Nami pounds the ground of the deck.


Max licks the pirate girl from chin to forehead, slobber spraying everywhere, making her grin widen.

NAMI: I'm really glad that I got to meet you, boy!

MAX: Woof woof!

And Nami knew of some other ladies who she thought Max would love to meet as well.....