Relena Licked
Relena Peacecraft strolls on into the kennel, her head held up high with regal beauty. The rich, kind teenage princess has volunteered to do work here as charity. She walks to the front desk and looks at the list of dogs.

RELENA: Hmmm...I'll take "Max" please.

She is escorted into Max's kennel area, the door closing behind her as she walks in.  Max smells her enter right away and comes bounding over to where she is, barking thunderous barks of excitement.

RELENA: Hello!  Hi!  You must be Max, huh?

Relena leans down to the big dog's level and smiles as she holds his front paws in her hands while Max pants warm breath in her face.  Max presses his nose against Relena's and then begins to sniff her over, taking in her scent.  The girl giggles and then hugs Max tight.

RELENA: Your'e so soft and fluffy! Hee hee!

Max, delighted at this gesture of friendship, responds by swinging his tongue onto Relena's cheek and lifting it upward, making Relena laugh all the more as she scratches the sheepdog behind his ears playfully.

RELENA: Such a friendly dog! Hahahaha! Yesyouare! Hahahaha!

Max then slows down, leaving a drool trail behind as he lifts his tongue up her face, taking in her sweet taste. Relena grins.

RELENA: Do you like me? Do you, boy? Do you?

Max nods happily before slurping her continuously.

RELENA: Ha ha! You certainly know how to show it!

Max pants happily back at her beautiful face, wagging his tail like mad.  Relena stands up.

RELENA: Lie down, boy!

The sheepdog lies flat on his back.  Relena takes one of her shoes off and starts rubbing his furry belly with her foot. Max pants as she tickles him with both feet. The big sheepdog counters with swift slobbering over both of her soles.

RELENA: Puahahahahahahahahahaaa! M-Mahahahahax!

Max pins her to the ground, then places his paws on her legs, then licking her toes as they wiggled madly.

RELENA: Eeeheeheeheeasy, boy! Easyeeheeheheehee!

Max went more slowly, slobber dripping through each toe, as his tail wags rapidly.

RELENA: Ha ha ha ha! Eeeheeheeheehahahaha!  G-good boy, Max!

Max then turns back around towards her and licks her face some more, with Relena petting him fondly, which made him speed up the slobbering.

RELENA: Heh...I obviously made the right call coming to you!

Max nods happily, agreeing with her as he continues his kissing spree, soaking Relena like there's no tomorrow.

RELENA: People always consider me such a proper lady...they'd freak if they could see me now! Hahaha!

Max slobbers all over her affectionately, really enjoying this visitor's sweet-tasting skin.  By the time he is through, Relena is thoroughly drenched.  As she leaves the kennel, she turns and winks at the dog.

RELENA: Don't worry...I'm going to be a regular visitor from now on! 

Max barked excitedly at this news then went into the corner to take a nap. One thing's for sure, he can't WAIT until his next visitor!