Sam awkwardly walked into Max's kennel room. The pretty redheaded teen had heard of her friends Alex and Clover's encounters with the large exuberant sheepdog, and had decided to check it out for herself. Sam began to call out for said sheepdog, as he was nowhere to be found.

SAM: Um, hello? (Whistles uncertainly) Is anyone here?

She was answered by loud, exuberant barking, turning to see Max running her way, his tongue hanging out and panting as he laid eyes on the redhead.

SAM: (Putting her hands up) Woah, woah! Slow down, boy! Someone might get hurt!

Max skidded to a halt, making Sam sigh in relief. Then, without warning, the dog pounced at her anyway, knocking her to the ground and giving her a big slurp across her entire face. Immediately, she broke out into a gleeful grin, hands flying to her cheeks.

SAM: Wow! Hahahahahahaha! That feels so...nice!

Max gave her another lick, tongue slurping from the underside of her chin in a slobbery spray. This gave Sam a serious giggle fit, and she turned to her side and held her stomach.

SAM: Tehehehehehehahahahahahaha! Oh, that's some tongue!

Indeed it was! And Max felt like using it some more! So, he gave a barrage of sweeping licks to her face, bursts of slobber flying off of it.

SAM: Hahahahahahahaha! Rough, but yet so soothing!

Max continued to slap his tongue onto Sam's face repeatedly, before moving back down to her midriff, dragging his tongue up it.


Max then extended his licking from her naval all the way up to her face, leaving a trail of slobber spanning them.


But Max couldn't stop at just one lick, though, and just kept slurping her body, licking her hands, arms, and shoulders this time.

SAM: Hehahahahahahahahaha! I love you too, but please settle down!

Max knew that Sam had enough, so he put his tongue back into his mouth, and just sat in front of her, panting up a storm.

SAM: Hehehehehe...That was fun!

Infatuated by Max's adorable charm, Sam began petting the side of Max's face, which Max responded to by giving her hand a sloppy lick.

SAM: Hahahahahahahahaha! Gooood boy!

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