Serena was lost in the woods by herself on a calm afternoon, because she had been sidetracked and split up from her friends. Nervous, the amateur Pokemon trainer began softly whistling to herself as comfort, not knowing the sound had reached the ear of a nearby creature...Max the sheepdog, out for a walk on his own. Lifting his shaggy head, Max sniffed the wind and liked the scent that came drifting into his nose.

MAX: Woof! Woof woof woof!


Eyes bugging out wide, Serena screamed when she saw the large sheepdog come charging through the bushes, tongue hanging out of his mouth as he thundered on toward her. Serena turned to run away...only to trip on a rock and faceplant on the ground in a humorous way.

SERENA: Oh, my aching...UWAAH!

The next thing she knew, the sheepdog had already caught up to her! Panting in her face, he soon planted his large tongue all across Serena's face, slurping it up in a splash of drool. Serena of course, absolutely hated this, since she hated messy things.


Max didn't mind her squeals of disgust, as he only kept casually licking her, with most of the drool from the licks seeping into parts of her clothing.

SERENA: Hey, stop doing that! Yuck! You're getting your drool into my clothes!

Max couldn't care less about that however, as he only continued, if not amplified his slobbery assault.


But it wasn't long before Serena had succumbed to Max's slobber. Before she knew it, she was now giggling like mad from the licking.

SERENA: Hehehehehey! Cut thahahahat out! Hehehehehehehe!

Max, seeing as how he has almost made her love his slobber, kept up once more.


But Max only kept at it, making Serena's cheek bounce again and again as his tongue swept off it. After Max repeating this process several times, Serena had finally gotten in to Max's affection.

SERENA: HEHEHEHEHEHEHE! Okahahahahay, I give, I give! I like your slobber now! And I like you! Can you just take stop for a moment please?

Hearing this, Max then stopped his flurry of wet love.

SERENA: Boy, am I wet. But I don't mind. After all, I've gotten used to your slobber! Hehe! And you're such a great dog!

MAX: Woof!

Max then proceeded to give Serena's face a big friendly lick as a response to her comment.

SERENA: Hahahahahahahaha! So, boy, you're into girls, huh?

Max replied with a bark to confirmed this and a friendly lick.

SERENA: Hahahaha! I can tell! My Fennekin likes to give me licks, too! In fact, you wanna see her, boy? Do ya?

Max nodded with his tongue flopping about, panting.

SERENA: Alrighty, then! Fennekin, come on out!

Serena held out Fennekin's Pokeball and sent her out, and gave out a happy yelp the moment she came out.

SERENA: Hey, Fennekin! Wanna meet my new friend?

Fennekin uttered a "Fen!" as a yes. She then walked towards Max and they both sniffed each other in curiosity. As soon as they were done, Max gave a greeting lick to Fennekin's cheek. She was disgusted by this at first, but soon let out a cute chuckle at this, quickly liking it.

FENNEKIN: Fehehehehehe!

Max then gave a playful stance, inviting Fennekin to play with him. Like the good girl she was, she gladly excepted. And before the knew it, they were already having fun with one another, chasing each other around playing with each other in a friendly manner.

SERENA: *chuckling* I knew you two would get along!

Once they were done playing with each other, they wanted to play with Serena! They both proceeded to charge at her with the intent on tackling her to submission and licking her pretty face. Serena held out her hands infront of her to stop them.

SERENA: Woahwoahwoah, slow down you guys!

But their combined tackle was too strong. Once they had tackled her to the ground, they both immediately began giving tons of loving licks all over her face.

SERENA: Awwwwwhahahaha! You guys!

Soon, both of them pulled off Serena's shoes and both of them began licking each of Serena's cute feet.


They kept at this for some time, covering both of them in slobber.


After they were done entirely covering her feet in drool, they both backed up with grins on their faces. Serena slowly got up, still laughing.

SERENA: Hehehehehe! You know, that was actually kind of fun!

Max and Fennekin both looked at each other and nodded in agreement. They both proceeded to tackle Serena back to the ground and gave Serena's face a new coat of slobber.

SERENA: Awhahahahaha! I love both of you!

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