Shelly, the beautiful young Admin of Team Aqua, is off duty one morning and decides to take a stroll on the beach. As she walks along the sand, she passes a large sheepdog bounding around the dunes: Max. She ignores him and keeps moving, but Max stops moving and sniffs the air, Shelly's enticing scent entering his nostrils. He turns around and runs right at Shelly, barking and panting loudly.

SHELLY: What the-!? Stay back!

But Max ignores this warning and jumps at Shelley, his slobbering tongue pressing up against her cheek and lifting the skin on it upward as he licked her. This obviously disgusted Shelly to no end!

SHELLY: Ewww! Knock it off!

But Max instead puts his paws on her shoulders, pinning her to the ground, as he licks everywhere on her face.

SHELLY: No! Ah! Yech!

Shelly tried to shield her face with her arms. However, this proved futile as Max started on her arms.

SHELLY: Pffff-heheheheheheheheh! Cut it out! I'm serious!

But Max just leaned his head down and started joyfully slurping her midriff.

SHELLY: Hey! Knock thahahahahat off! I'm ticklish!

The redheaded pirate woman began to twist and writhe as Max's slobbering tongue slid up and down her bare skin. It was softening fast because of all the drool, which made it that more ticklish!


Max gave Shelly a big, slurping lick from her midriff all the way to her forehead.


At this, Max backed off and allowed Shelly to catch her breath.

SHELLY: (Rubbing as much of the slobber off) Ew! Ew! Ew!

Max smiled and panted at her when she glared at him. She sighed and shook her head before smiling back.

SHELLY: Well, it's nice to be paid attention to, I guess.

This got her another kiss from the giant dog. While still a little grossed out, Shelly chuckled and put a hand to her cheek as she gazed back at her furry admirer.

SHELLY: Heh! I'm flattered. You're not half-bad!

MAX: Woof woof!

The dog then bounds off, signaling for Shelly to follow him to the kennel. She followed him hesitantly and, against her better judgement, signs on as a member, much to Max's delight.

SHELLY: I guess this can be OK!

This prompted another sloppy lick up her cheek from Max. Shelly laughed at this.

SHELLY: I think we're going to get along just fine now!