Tea Licked
Tea Gardner, a pretty teenage wannabe-dancer, is tired out after having practiced her dancing for hours. She yawned as she walked outside.

TEA: So exhausted...I gotta rest for a few minutes here....

Sitting down under a tree, Tea dosed off. A short while later, a large sheepdog came bounding across the field. It's Max!  The dog sniffs the wind and smells Tea; a human girl's scent that smelled remarkably boyish. Barking, he runs over to the tree where the sleeping girl is.

MAX: Woof! Woof!

He bends down and presses his tongue against Tea's cheek, licking it upward slowly.  Tea's eyes flutters open as she awakens to this wet sensation.  Looking and seeing Max, Tea bursts into giggles as the dog keeps licking her cheek.

TEA: Heeheehahahaha!  Why hello there, boy! Ha ha! What are you doing here?

Max barks a hello in return before licking Tea's entire pretty face, drenching it in dog slobber.

TEA: Hahahahaha! What a friendly dog you are!

Max then bites Tea's yellow coat off in one swift move, exposing her broad bare shoulders and arms which he licks heartily, causing Tea's body to jerk in reaction.

TEA: Very, very friendly! Ahahahaha!

Max smiles as he continues slobbering all over Tea, who didn't seem to mind it at all.

TEA: Oh yes, you're a good boy, yesyouare, yesyouare! Hee hee!

The big sheepdog very carefully pulls the dancer's shoes off with his teeth, then began to slurp her bare feet.

TEA: Hahahahahahahaha!  Ohohohohohahahaha!  

Tea turns on her side as she continues laughing. Max then lets her up, her entire body soaking in dog-drool.  The tomboy laughs, holding her hand out to the dog as a gesture of friendship.

TEA: I'm Tea. I guess you and I are friends now, huh, boy?

Max nods happily, then gives her hand the sloppiest lick possible.

TEA: Woah, ha ha! I take it that's a yes!

Max nods, then gives her cheek a final lick before letting her get to her feet. She looked down at the panting sheepdog and grinned.

TEA: Wanna dance with me, boy? C'mon!

Tea begins twirling around, showing off her dance moves. Max tries his best to match her move for move, yet has some trouble with it.

TEA: Here, follow along more slowly.

Tea slows down her pace, allowing the dog to catch up.  With Tea's help, Max was dancing as graciously as her within seconds.  Tea cheers, clapping her hands before bending down and wrapping her arms around Max's neck.

TEA: Way to go! I'm so proud of you!

Max knocks her over, pinning her to the ground, going through a second-round of slobbery love, licking her entire face repeatedly!

TEA: Ahahahahahaha! You just gotta love dog kisses! 

Max gratefully slobbers all over her some more, before nuzzling her cheek affectionately.  Tea giggles.

TEA: Awww, that's a good dog!

Max wags his tail down at the dancer before slurping her on the cheek one more time before letting her up again.

TEA: Well, c'mon, boy!  Let's get you back to where you need to be!

Max and Tea both had such a good time with each other, that they were both sad they had to part ways, but they both knew they'd see each other again someday, they just knew it.