Vivi Slobbered
It's day time at the kennel when Nami brings her best friend, the beautiful young princess Vivi Nefertari over to meet Max, Prince Eric's playful sheepdog.

NAMI: Just you wait, Vivi!  You're gonna love him....and I know he's definately gonna loooooove you!  Ha ha!

VIVI: Hehehe...Alright then...

Vivi laughs nervously as Nami signs them both in at the front desk before dragging Vivi by the arm to Max's room.

NAMI: (Whistles) Max! Here, boy!

Max comes bounding over, barking loudly and slobber flying from his tongue as he jumps up and gives Nami a lick hello.  Nami laughs while Vivi stares at the sheepdog, who quickly turns to her and begins to sniff her over.

VIVI: Uh, hi!  I'm Princess Vivi of Alabasta. It's nice to meet you, uh, Max.

Vivi smiles and gives Max a friendly wave as he stops sniffing her and just stands there, smiling and panting.

VIVI: I'm a friend of Nami's too and she told me that I shou....

But the blue-haired beauty doesn't even get to finish that sentence, because Max suddenly jumps up at her and plants his slobbering tongue right on her cheek, lifting it up slowly as he licks the princess' pretty face.

VIVI: A-aaah!  S-so wet!

NAMI: You were expecting a different feeling?

Vivi chuckles as she touches her cheek.

VIVI: No, but expecting it and actually feeling it are kinda different, ha ha! In fact, it kind of felt nice!

NAMI: I don't blame you!

Max then licks her shoulders, followed by her neck, drenching her in drool.

VIVI: Pfffft-hahahahahahahaha!  I guess this is his idea of the royal treatment!

NAMI: (Winks) You'd better believe it, Vivi!

Max then knocked the pretty princess over, pulled off her shoes and slurps the soles of her bare feet, causing Vivi to laugh up a storm.

VIVI: Wahahahahahahahahaha!  N-Nami, heheheheheheheheeeelp!

NAMI: (Laughing) Don't worry, Vivi, you'll get used to it!

Max then spreads his tongue across her wiggling toes, soaking them in wet dog slobber.

VIVI: No, not my tohohohohohohohohoes!  Heeheeheeheeheeeee!

NAMI: Over-ticklish there, much?

The sheepdog then starts licking up Vivi's bare legs, making her twist and turn as she laughs.

VIVI: Nahahahahahahahahamiiiiiiiii!

NAMI: Yes, Vivi?

VIVI: (teasingly) Y-you're such a bitch, hahahahahahahaha!

NAMI: (teasingly) Ooh, you're not being very nice! I think you need to be punished!

Max then slobbers all over her face.  Vivi, still laughing, grabs Nami by the ankle and pulls her to the ground.

NAMI: W-Wait! What do you think your doing?!

Max pants in happiness for a moment and then begins licking Nami's face and shoulders.

NAMI: Heeheeheeheehahahahahahaha! Good boy, Max!

MAX: Woof! Woof woof woof!

The dog begins slobbering over both girls' faces at the same time, enjoying their mixed tastes.

NAMI: That's it, Max! Heeheeheeheehahahahahaha! Taste us both! It's on the house!

VIVI: Yes, ha ha!  Glad to see you enjoy both princess and pirate!

Max wasted no time in soaking both pretty girls with his slobbery tongue, leaving them drenched in wet drool.  The girls continue laughing as they put their arms around each other fondly before both reaching to pet Max.

GIRLS: Such a good boy! Hehehe!

As the two girls were together, Max took the opportunity to lick both their faces at once!

GIRLS: Hehahahahahahahahahahahahaha!