Max May Lick
May waltzed on into the kennel one morning, beaming with happy anticipation of seeing her large sheepdog friend Max again. Since the dog shared the name of her own brother, she considered it very fitting that she had such a good relationship with him. Entering Max's room, May cupped her hands to her mouth and called out for him.

MAY: Max! Here, boy! Maaa-aaaaax!

She then stuck her fingers in her mouth, and gave a long whistle. Mere seconds later, she was tackled to the ground by a big gray blur. Her whole face was then licked by a wet, pink tongue.

MAX: Woof! Woof!

May looked up, and smiled at who her pouncer was, who smiled back at her.

MAY: Hahahaha! There you are, you mutt! How've you been?

Max replied with a hardy bark and May reached up and ruffled the dog's furry face playfully. This got him panting up a storm. He then pressed his tongue against her face again. It slapped against May's cheek, and the playful Coordinator giggled as her cheek was lifted up by the big, sloppy, towel that was Max's tongue in rapid succession.


Max slurped his tongue off her cheek in a spray of drool, knocking May's head to the side briefly before Max wrapped his paws around May's shoulders, eventually knocking her to the floor. May shoved at Max's chest to try and push him back, but Max kept himself completely glued to her.

MAY: Oh, man, here it comes!

The huge pink pillow repeatedly slapped against May's cheeks as she turned her head from side to side to try and escape the over-amorous dog, to no avail as her cheeks were lifted up again and again and soaked with slobber.

MAY: Aw, hahahahah! I love you too, boy! Eeheehee! Lay it on me!

Max did so with abandon, and his licking intensified as his tongue smothered May's face. She eventually fell on her back as Max's tongue slurped off of her face, and Max pinned her down on the ground by her shoulders as his tongue slathered her face.


May could do nothing but squeal and giggle as Max licked her silly, her cheeks being lifted up again and again as Max's tongue dragged up them. Her giggles were sometimes muffled as his tongue covered her entire face back to her ears, Max giving her face a long, slow drag with his tongue as drool splattered across the floor. She felt so tickled that she started kicking her legs, eventually sending her shoes flying off, leaving her with naked soles which the sheepdog soon began licking as well.


Finally Max stopped and sat down flat on his belly, resting his shaggy head on May's legs. As May got her breath back, she smiled at the dog and sat up to rub his head.

MAY: Good boy! Very, VERY good boy!

May then stood back up. She then looked at her bag as a mischievous grin spread across her face.

MAY: Hey, want some of these?

May then reaches into her bag and pulls out her Pokeblock case. This brings Max's attention, as he tilts his head in curiosity.

MAY: These are Pokeblocks! Wanna try some? I bet you'll think they're yummy!

MAX: Woof!

This got Max into another frenzy. He then sat down obediently, panting, as he waited to receive May's treat.

MAY: Alright, here comes the first one! 

A Pokeblock then launched right out of the case and into the air. Max didn't waste any time, as he then leapt into the air and caught the Pokeblock in his mouth, proceeding to chew it. This tasted very sweet to him, just like May's skin! He then vigorously licked his lips from the taste

MAY: How about another, Max?

Max was all too willing to have another one. Max then sat down panting in anticipation

MAY: Alright, here it comes!

She then launched another Pokeblock, with Max quickly eating it right out of the air. This one tasted bitter, but Max didn't mind, as the taste of May's skin and the last Pokeblock was still lingering on his tongue.

MAY: How 'bout it?

MAX: Woof Woof!

As a thank you to May for giving him those tasty Pokeblocks, Max then charged towards May and proceeded to leap into the air and tackle her, wiping her massive tongue all over her face.

MAY: Hehehehehe! I told you they were yummy! Hahahahahaha!

Eventually, the Pokeblock case fell out of May's hand and fell onto the ground, causing a bunch of Pokeblocks to fly everywhere. This got Max's attention, and proceeded to walk over and lap them all up with his giant tongue.

MAY: Hehehehehe! Well, I guess it's OK if you had 'em all! Besides, I can just make more.

In a relatively short amount of time, Max had eaten all of the Pokeblocks. However, he thought May was tastier and turned toward her.

MAY: Heheh! So you think I'm tastier, boy?

Max nodded happily, his tongue lulling out of his mouth.

MAY: Alright! Well, give me all you got!

Max happily obliged and charged straight at May. He lept into the air and tackled her to the ground. Once he did, he did exactly as May said and gave her all he had by slurping her cheeks from left to right.

MAY: Hahahahahahahahaha! Yeah, that's the stuff!

Max had been encouraged by May's laughter, and proceeded to lick her even faster.