After having to do chores all day, Melody decides to swim by the shore freely, practically gliding through the water as she did. And after hours of this, she decided to take a break and sit on a rock, her small feet dangling in the water. This felt very pleasant to Melody because she never took the time to feel how soothing it was on her feet, as she swam to fast.

MELODY: Wow, I never realized how relaxing this felt. I should do this more often...

The pretty, black-haired royal tomboy relaxed for a while until she heard the sound of barking and splashing.  She turned to see Max bounding through the water toward her, panting excitedly with his tongue lolling out.

MELODY: Max? Hey boy! what are you doing here?

Max, then came to the rock and barked in excitement and placed his paws on her shoulders and gave her a huge lick across her face. Next, Max gave her a couple of equally big licks on her left cheek with slobber flying off each time, and continued to repeat this.

MELODY: Hehehehehe!! OK, OK! It's great to see you too, just take it eahehehehesy!

She eventually fell over from Max's mighty weight. Max then pinned her down to the rock and began to lick her neck and arms.

MELODY: Hahahahahahahahaha! Do I taste good? Do I, boy?

Of course she was! And Max answered this by giving her entire face a big, sloppy lick, his towel sized tongue slowly dragging itself up from her chin to her bangs.

MELODY: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I'm glad you think so!

Max did think so, and so he kept up his slobbery attack slapping his tongue onto her cheeks from left to right. Eventually, Melody managed to nudge off Max and continued to giggle.

MELODY: Hehehehehe! You're so much fun, Max!

Just then, Max noticed Melody's rough looking feet and began to sniff them over. Melody quickly caught on to what he was doing.

MELODY: My feet? Oh yeah, I was swimming a lot earlier and my feet got a little rough.

Max felt sympathy for the black-haired youth. So, he dragged his towel of a tongue up one of her soles to soften it up again with his slobbery affection.

MELODY: Hahahahaha! You trying to make it better, boy? Are you?

Max nodded, and continued to lick her feet.

MELODY: Tehahahahahahahahahaha! Well go ahead!

Max was more than willing to oblige. So, he kept up his slobbery foot massage by draging his big tongue up her rough soles.

MELODY: (sighs contently) that feels so good. keep it up, Maxy.

Max obeyed and did exactly as Melody said. His tongue was busily working it's magic by slurping her soles from left to right and after several minutes, they were as smooth as silk just like Max's tongue itself.

MELODY: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Thanks, boy! Such a good dog you are!

But of course Max still wasn't satisfied, he wanted more of her tasty feet! So, he kept up his slobbery assault on her feet. In fact, since her feet we're already covered in Max's drool, the feeling of his tongue on her feet felt more ticklish than ever.


Max never realized how amazing Melody's feet tasted, and treated himself further. He began to deliver rougher, bigger licks to her tiny yet delicious feet with his mattress of a tongue.


Max obeyed and gave her feet some smoother licks, but they turned out to be even more ticklish than the rough ones.


Max then gave the exact same licks to her face, which tickled just as much. Melody squealed in excitement everytime she was licked by Max's big pink pillow-sized tongue.

MELODY: Ohohohohoho Mahahahahahahahahahax! Yohohohohohohour the best!

And Max thought Melody tasted the best! So, he then went back over to her already soaked feet and slurped them up once more.


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