Misa and Ivy
Misa Amane, a beautiful, ditzy and cheerful teenage criminal, is escorted along to what is said to be her cell by authorities. After being locked in, she looks to her side and sees another girl sitting down on a bench, a girl with flowery red hair, yellow skin, and a dress made of leaves. This was Poison Ivy, a teen supervillainess with power over plants. Misa smiles and extends her hand out.

MISA: Hi there! I'm Misa-Misa!

Ivy looks at Misa curiously before returning the handshake.

IVY: Poison Ivy. So I guess you're gonna be my cellmate, huh?

MISA: Uh-huh! I'm glad I'm getting someone so pretty like you as a cellmate! Hee hee!

Smiling and blushing a little, Ivy nods in response. Just then, the ground shakes!

MISA: Waaaaah! Wh-what's that!?

Ivy's eyes widen in surprise.

IVY: This...isn't a jail cell!

MISA: Huh?

IVY: It's a kennel room!

MISA: That could only mean one thing...

And then Toby, the enormous detective basset hound, appears in front of the two, his tongue lolling out and panting loudly as he gazes down on them.  He remembers these two scoundrels well!

IVY: Oh, boy!

Ivy sounds a little exasperated.  Misa, however, gets a big grin on her face and waves up to the dog.

MISA: Hey, Toby!

Toby bends his head down and slaps his tongue down on Misa, covering her whole body as he licks her.

MISA: Heeheehee! It's great to see you again, too! I forgot how great your kisses felt!

The giant dog turned to Ivy and gave her the same wet greeting.

IVY: Blech! Disgusting as ever!

Misa giggles as Ivy looks down at her dripping wet leaf dress.

MISA: Looks like Toby's familiar with you too! Hee!

IVY: Yeah, regrettably so.  

Toby then presses his large nose against both girls and starts sniffing them, which got both the girls in a fit of giggles.

MISA: Heehee! Good boy!

IVY: Heh....I bet I smell better than you do!

MISA: Oh, is that so?

IVY: Yeah, I'm part plant after all!  My scent is simply divine! Don't ya know?

MISA: That doesn't mean you smell better!

IVY: (Pouting) Yes it does!

MISA: (Pointing at Toby) Why not let him decide then? Won't you, Toby?

Toby noded and sniffed in Ivy's scent deeply, then sniffed in Misa's scent, then smiled and gave both girls a huge lick, raining slobber down on them as he did.

MISA: Heehee! That doesn't give us a result, but it sure feels good!

IVY: Heh...what are you talking about? I think the big mutt's saying we smell equally good!

MISA: Well, I guess so! Ha ha!

Misa put a friendly arm around Ivy and grinned cheerfully.

MISA: I think we're going to get along alright!

Ivy blinks and then smiles back.

IVY: Yeah, me too!

Toby then licks both girls again, agreeing with them both.

MISA: Aheeheeheehahaha!  

IVY: Geez, as if we weren't drenched enough already, heh heh!

Toby smiled down at the two pretty bad girls, panting hot dog breath on them. They looked back up at him, smiling as well.

MISA: You're such a good dog, Toby! Yesyouare, yesyouare!

This got her another slobbery kiss from the giant Bassett Hound.

IVY: Do we taste equally good as well, I wonder?

To answer this, Toby gave her a lick as well, and this proved to be true. The dog smacked his lips loudly to show this.

MISA: Looks like we do! Heeheehee!

IVY: I guess so! Hahahahaha!

Toby then began licking them both at the same time repeatedly.

BOTH: Heeheeheehahahahahahaha!

Once the dog is done, the girls are lying in a puddle of slobber, giggling.

MISA: Such a good boy!

IVY: Tell me about it!

Toby then pulled off a lick in succession on both of them, covering the both of them in slobber simultaneously.

MISA: Hehahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! OK, OK, we love you too!

Ivy chuckled and wrapped an arm around Misa.

IVY: I think we both can agree on that!