Nami Slobbered
Nami, clad in a revealing shirt and short shorts, walked into Max's room at the kennel. She needed the big sheepdog and his powerful sense of smell for something, and she was prepared to give an upfront payment for his services.

Slapping her legs, Nami called out loudly:

NAMI: Max! Here, boy!

At once she heard Max's barking and grinned when she saw the dog himself come charging toward her.  She put her fingers in her mouth and whistled, encouraging him to run even faster. Predictably, Max jumped up and pressed his heavy paws against Nami's shoulders, knocking her to the ground before proceeding to greet her with a big lick over her entire face, the slobber from his tongue soaking it thoroughly. Nami laughed and reached up to pat Max on his shaggy head.

NAMI: By all means, continue!  If I'm gonna use your nose, I'm gonna have to earn it, after all! Heheh!

Max enjoyed getting to continue his affection assaults on his pretty playmates, so he went straight to work, pressing his wet tongue against Nami's cheek.

NAMI: Teeheeheeheehahahahahaaa! Good boy!

Nami feels the wetness as Max's tongue lifts her cheek up over and over again, until at last he began to lick her whole face, slurping it up excitedly.

NAMI: Hahahahahahahahahahahahah!

Max then began licking up and down her bare arms, savoring the exquisite taste.

NAMI: (Ruffing her arms dry in his fur) Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

The sheepdog then licked down her long legs, making her twitch and giggle more.

NAMI: Hahahahahahahahahahaha! I love you, Max!

Max shot his head back up at this and slurped Nami's face again in thanks.

NAMI: Heeheeheeheeheehee! You sure are a slobbery fella, aren't ya, boy?

In response, Max gave her another sloppy kiss on the cheek, slobbery flying from his tongue as he did. Nami laughed and rubbed her cheek.

NAMI: OK, boy, I got a job for your nose. Wanna take it?

Max nodded happily.

NAMI: You remember my friend Vivi Nefertari?

Max nodded even faster, now very excited as he remembered the pretty princess.

NAMI: Find her scent and track her down!

Max took in her scent and went chasing down a path, with Nami following behind. They found the blue-haired princess clad in a bikini and lounging in a lounge chair, sunbathing on the beach.

VIVI: Huh? (Sees Max running towards her) Aah!

The sheepdog jumps on Vivi and begins slobbering all over her in delight. Eventually, she started laughing up a storm.

VIVI: Hahahahahahahaha! H-hey there, Max!

NAMI: There you are, Vivi! I've been looking all over for you but couldn't find you! Lucky for me, Max never forgets a scent! Heh!

VIVI: I guess so!

Max barked before giving Vivi a big wet one up the side of her face. Vivi broke out into an oversized smile.

VIVI: And I guess I smell really good too, hahaha!

NAMI: You'd better believe it!

Nami playfully sniffs Vivi's neck to demonstrate, making her laugh.

VIVI: You're so weird, Nami!

NAMI: Uh-huh! And that's just the way I like it!

Max barks and jumps between both girls, licking their cheeks.