“Stupid twerps..” Charmcaster growled to herself as she walked.

It was supposed to be a simple plan, just track down and locate Gwen and her dorky cousin. After that, drop them into another world forever (if she had it her way it would be one with man-eating ogres, but the spell didn’t work that way).

After that, they’d be out of her hair and she’d be free to gain more magical power and make her uncle sorry.

But no, that boy just HAD to use that stupid watch to turn into an overgrown weed and pull her in with them.

Considering that the two cousins were the original targets of the spell, they both obviously would be in the same dimension they got sucked into; but because she was pulled in against her will by the two (and wasn’t the original target to begin with), she was dropped into a completely different dimension from the one the two kids were in.

Well, if she was going to get back to her own dimension, she’d have to-


Charmcaster turned around to see quite possibly the biggest bulldog she ever saw, with a tuning fork on his head for some reason. He was looking right at her, his tongue hanging out of his mouth and panting heavily.

From the looks of things, she’d have to put that plan on hold....

With a sharp, frightened cry, Charmcaster immediately broke into a run. The bulldog, on the other hand, simply began running after the young sorceress, with speed unusual for a canine of his bulk.

As Charmcaster was running, she attempted to dissuade her pursuer by creating a flash of light to hopefully blind the pooch. With a cackle of triumph, Charmcaster sped down an alleyway, only for the dog to suddenly materialize just ten feet in front of the teenaged witch, much to her shock.

"Y-you can teleport?!"

The dog's response was a loud "WOOF!", his mouth opening wide as he did so and saliva drooling from his jowls.  To Charmcaster's horror, the dog's mouth was large and wide enough to eat her alive in one chomp, and she didn't intend on sticking around to find out if that was his intention!

"Stay back!" she cried, using magic to propel herself backward at high speed, away from the dog, only for the dog to teleport in less than a second.

With eyes widened from the sound of a loud bark right behind her, Charmcaster stopped and propelled herself forward with her magic. But she only managed to propel herself a good thirty feet until the dog suddenly leapt towards her, with his more than obvioulsly powerful muscles enabling him to move his bulk so well. And it was with that same bulk that enabled him to pin the witch on her back as he landed on her, thankfully not injuring the girl (though the sudden impact definitely knocked the air out of her).

"Get off of me!" Charmcaster demanded as she struggled under the bulldog's weight.

SPLAT.  SLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURP!  The dog's enormous tongue covered Charmcaster's shoulder, neck, cheek and bangs all at the same time as it gave her a great big lick. Long, thick streams of drool poured from the tongue and splashed across Charmcaster in the process.  The dog's tail was wagging back and forth in a blur, and he grinned as he gave the girl yet another lick before starting to pant, loudly and heavily.

"EEEUUGGH!" Charmcaster scrunched her face up from the layer of saliva planted on her. Granted, she did admit to herself that it was better than being devoured alive... But it didn't mean that the lick didn't annoy and gross her out.


The dog smacked his tongue on one of Charmcaster's cheeks and began lifting the skin of it up. "OH!" Charmcaster cried, cringing as she felt the wet, semi-sticky substance dripping from the tongue hit her skin.  The dog, loving the girl's taste, then placed his tongue on her other cheek and gave it the exact same sloppy kiss.

As soon as he had finished slurping that cheek hugely, the bulldog decided to see how long he could keep the skin of Charmcaster's cheeks bouncing after lifting them up.

And so, he started by focusing on the right cheek.  He pressed his tongue against it and lifted the skin on it upward very slowly and very roughly, and when slurping off from it, making it shake and bounce all while a rain of stray drops of saliva fell upon it.

"Knock it off!" Charmcaster said angrily, only for the canine to answer with a booming bark and slap his tongue onto the other cheek, lifting it just as slowly and hugely.

"At the very least... Those brats're probably having a harder time than I am!" Charmcaster thought to herself while her mind raced, trying to think of a spell that could help her escape from this slobber session.  Eventually, she was able to shout out a teleportation incantation, and vanished in a flash of the light.

The bulldog lifted his head and sniffed the wind, then teleported away himself.  In an instant, Charmcaster found the enormous canine appearing right next to her where she had transported to.

Charmcaster mentally swore to herself as she got some distance between herself and the bulldog, and summoned her stone creatures in an attempt to keep him busy, just enough to where he couldn't properly focus and teleport again while she was escaping.

A few minutes passed as Charmcaster began walking along in the new area she had transported herself to, and she smiled and sighed in relief.  And then, out of nowhere, the giant dog appeared directly in front of her, and she ended up walking right into his wet, thick, outstretched tongue, making a loud SPLAT! as she did.

The dog lifted her off the ground with a single lick, his strength and size allowing him to do so.  Charmcaster yelped as she fell back to the ground, where she was immediately pinned down by the weight of the giant bulldog as he slid his tongue across her entire frontside repeatedly.

All the while the bulldog did this, Charmcaster was protesting vehemently, demanding that she be set free. But to no avail.  She was licked for minutes on end, which began to feel like hours to her before the dog finally stopped, backing off and licking his canine chops in pleasure.

"Soooo... You like my taste?" Charmcaster asked; "Well... How's about I give you more of me?"

And with a simple incantation, she seemingly conjured up copies of herself.  The dog gave a loud "WOOF!" in happiness and began jumping at the copied Charmcasters and rapidly licking them.  Charmcaster smirked, knowing that these copies would last some time before the spell's power ran out and they disappeared...and that it gave her enough time to disappear as well.  Sure enough, she was able to slip away without the giant bulldog noticing, and soon went back to finding a way to open a portal back to her own world.

Charmcaster chuckled in spite of herself, wiping off as much dog slobber as she could.  "Well, that experience! Hopefully I won't have to suffer anything like that again in the future!"  

In retrospect, she might have jinxed herself with that statement.

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