It wasn't very often that Namine found herself separated from Kairi. She didn't mind being held within her heart, but it was nice that she was able to get out and walk around on her own now and again. It also wasn't very often that she was able to speak with many of Kairi's friends such as Sora, Donald, or Goofy. And as she walked around King Mickey's castle, she found herself looking for one of Kairi's friends in particular...

"Pluto!" Namine called as she walked through the castle's hallways. "Pluto, here boy!"

Several rooms away Pluto napped in his dog bed, dreaming dreams of steak and adventure with Mickey and Sora. Namine's calls and whistles slowly worked their way into his head, and the dog found himself waking up. Blinking sleepily, Pluto yawned just as the door opened. He heard a gasp through his still half-awake mind, but all of his weariness vanished as he felt a pair of soft warm hands start working their way around his body.

"There you are!" Namine said as she scratched Pluto's head and body vigorously, the dog's leg starting to kick as she did. "Hi, Pluto! How are you, boy?"

Pluto rolled over onto his back as Namine kept scratching him, ruffing in pleasure as Namine took the hint and started scratching his belly. 

"Yeah, you like that don't you?" Namine asked. "Yes you do! Yes you do!"

Pluto barked happily and jerked his head up, unable to contain his happiness any longer. His mouth opened and Namine was treated to the familiar sight of Pluto's big pink tongue sliding out of his mouth before he swung it upward, his tongue landing right on her cheek with a great big "Splat!" Namine found one of her eyes shut as Pluto's tongue lifted her cheek up, slurping off in a spray of saliva. Namine stopped scratching Pluto and giggled, wiping her face. "Hehehe. I guess you're happy to see me too, aren't you, boy?"

Pluto barked again and rolled onto his feet, leaping from his bed and putting his paws on Namine's shoulders. The little Nobody only had time to squeal in delight before Pluto's giant tongue slapped itself across her entire face back to her ears, Pluto dragging it slowly from chin to forehead before dragging it off in a great big slurp.

Namine wore a grin in her face as she lightly tapped her wet cheek in reaction. Pluto smiled and panted, his tail wagging back and forth. Namine was daintier and girlier than Kairi, and her skin had a paler complexion, but she shared an almost identical heavenly scent and had the exact same unbelievable taste. And since she only wore a slip of a white dress and sandals, there was even more of her exposed than her other self, who was no slouch in the skimpiness department!

The big yellow dog slapped his tongue down on Namine's chest, which elicited a small gasp from her as the wetness seeped through the thin white fabric of her dress. Pluto lifted his tongue upward until it hit the underside of Namine's chin, dragging off it in a great spray of drool. Namine hunched over and giggled, with Pluto slurping at her bare shoulders in fondness.

"Oh, Pluto!" Namine chuckled, a hand on her dripping wet chin.

Pluto moved his head back up to Namine's face, his big tongue swinging left, then right. With each swing his tongue slapped onto one of Namine's cheeks, lifting them up and pushing the eye above them shut as he slurped his tongue off in another spray of drool. Namine burst into more laughter as Pluto continued to press closer to her, his tongue repeatedly slapping her cheeks and face as he slobbered over every part of Namine's face that he could reach. And with a tongue as big as his, that was a lot!

Eventually Pluto's pushing caused Namine to fall over with a squeak, causing her to land on the tile floor. Pluto kept his paws on her shoulders and continued to slurp her face with his wet pink pillow of a tongue, Namine futilely struggling beneath him as she squealed and giggled, her cheeks being lifted up with each stroke of Pluto's tongue as her giggles were from time to time muffled whenever Pluto licked her from chin to forehead.

Pluto then bent down to Namine's feet and bit her sandals right off. Namine's eyes widened as she saw the dog eyeing her bare feet and licking his lips eagerly. "Pluto, no!" Namine yelped. But it was too late, and Pluto began slurping the Nobody's bare soles and toes, making her shriek with hysterical laughter. "WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOOOOO! EEEHEE!"

Namine's body shook as she laughed, and she thrashed about on the ground trying to get free from under Pluto's paws, but to no use. Pluto's tongue soon slid up from her feet and up her long legs, making her twitch even more, her knees knocking together in reaction. Her beautiful blue eyes welled up with tears of laughter as she continued her gigglefit.

Eventually Pluto moved back up Namine's body to her face. His giant tongue plastered itself onto her chin, Namine's head tilting back as Pluto's tongue dragged itself from her chin up to her hairline. Namine's head was thrown backwards, Pluto plastering his tongue to the underside of Namine's chin before he dragged it up to the tip. Namine fell onto her back again, giggling as Pluto once again put his paws on her shoulders. The next thing Namine felt was Pluto slapping his tongue onto her cheek and dragging it sideways across her face. Pluto flattened his tongue against Namine's face to get as much of her tasty skin as possible. As he dragged his tongue across her face at the speed of a snail, Namine's cheek was dragged along with his tongue, rolling it up to the point where her cheek covered half of her face under Pluto's tongue. 

Pluto slurped his tongue off of Namine's face, spraying the tiled floor with saliva before he got onto the other side of her face and repeated the process, rolling Namine's cheek up just as much as he had the first time. Pluto then began swinging his tongue back and forth like a pendulum, slapping Namine's cheeks back and forth, each time rolling up the skin and rolling her head from side to side. Namine laughed in between tongue slaps, feeling drool splatter onto the floor around her.

Lightly pushing Pluto aside, Namine rose to her bare feet. When she saw Pluto ready himself to pounce again, the little blonde Nobody smirked playfully and took off running. Pluto began barking excitedly as he gave chase, both dog and girl panting as they ran around the room.

As energetic as she was, Namine couldn't keep running forever. Pluto could run faster than her, and before Namine knew it Pluto was right behind her. The yellow dog leapt into the air, Namine squealing in delight as Pluto's gigantic tongue slapped itself across her entire face, back to her ears. Pluto slurped it off as Namine landed on his own dog bed, spraying drool across the floor and walls.

Namine flailed her arms and legs as Pluto went to town on her face with his tongue once again, slurping her cheeks, chin, and face with abandon. The skin on her cheeks was lifted up again and again and Pluto's tongue slid up the underside of her chin again and again, more often than not continuing to slide up past the tip of her chin and up to her forehead. Each time Pluto's tongue left her face Namine's giggling could be heard past the wet slaps and slurps that accompanied Pluto's licks.

One final long, wet drag up Namine's face with Pluto's tongue heralded a final spray of saliva as Pluto's big tongue briefly stuck straight out. Pausing for a moment in his joyful licking, Pluto looked down at Namine. The little Nobody was helpless underneath him, giggling breathlessly as she lay on the ground. She didn't even bother to try and wipe Pluto's drool off of her face, but looked over after him as Pluto got off of her and sat down next to her. 

"Hehehe...You're a real piece of work, Pluto!" Namine said, sitting up.

Pluto barked joyfully and gave Namine one more big lick on her cheek, lifting Namine's cheek up so much that her head was tilted to the side and her eye was pushed shut. As his tongue slurped off of her face Pluto gave Namine one last bark and ran out of the room, leaving Namine to wipe her face and giggle to herself.

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