Pluto, let loose to wander and explore the slums of the city of Midgar, wanders into a run-down, abandoned church. Well, mostly abandoned. One person is there, tending to the flowers: Aerith Gainsborough, a beautiful, kind, and strong-willed flower girl.  She's humming to herself before she notices the dog.

AERITH: Oh! Hello there!

A wide smile crossing her face, Aerith holds out her hand to Pluto, gesturing him to come. He approaches her, lovestuck at her extreme beauty.

AERITH: Hee hee! How you doing, boy?  I'm Aerith.

She extends her hand further, for Pluto to sniff. She smelled divine! Pluto panted happily as he gave the hand of this beautiful girl a sloppy kiss.  This made Aerith burst into giggles.

AERITH: Ahahahaha!  I'm glad to meet you too...(Staring at collar)...Pluto!

Pluto was glad to meet this new pretty girl, too! He really enjoyed her taste, so he licked her on the cheek.

AERITH: Heheheheh! Good boy, Pluto!

Pluto repeated this affectionate dog-swing on her multiple times, drenching her face in slobber.

AERITH: (Rubbing her cheek) Wow, that feels really good! Ha!

Pluto was glad to hear this, so he kept it up, making her giggle all the more and scratch him behind the ears.

AERITH: Such a nice dog!

Pluto was touched by these kind words, and wagged his tail and panted happily as he was scratched.

AERITH: Hee!  You wanna give me a more thorough washing, boy?

PLUTO: Yeahyeahyeah!

Aerith grins and lies down on her back, spreading her arms and legs out. Pluto wastes no time and gets straight to work, licking every part of he that he can reach.

AERITH: Heeheeheehahahahahaha! Keep it up, boy!

Pluto licked her bare shoulders and then moved his tongue down her arms and hands.

AERITH: Hahahaahahhahaha! So good!

The yellow dog then pushed his head under her arms and started licking her bare armpits, tickling her greatly.


Pluto then licked all the way down her legs, slurping her from her ankles to her knees to her thighs.


Much to Pluto's delight, Aerith kicked her boots off by accident. The dog joyfully began licking her bare feet.


Obediently, Pluto moved away from her feet and went back to licking her on the cheek.

AERITH: Heeheehahahahahaha! Good boy!

Pluto then backs away and lets Aerith catch her breath.  She sits up and smiles at the dog.

AERITH: So how was it?

She could tell from his oversized doggie-grin that he enjoyed that experience.

AERITH: Hee hee! I'm glad.

Aerith waved goodbye to Pluto as he trotted out of the church.  Both knew they'd meet again soon.