Aqua had been called on to look after Disney Castle while both King Mickey and Queen Minnie were away. The beautiful young Keyblade Master was reading over the note they'd left her as she entered the seemingly empty throne room, not paying much attention to where she was going.

AQUA: ...And last but not least, be prepared to have to play with...

It was at this point that the king's dog Pluto smelled Aqua's presence, and interrupted her with a bark.

AQUA: Huh!? Wh-where'd that come from?

The girl turned around just in time to yelp as she saw the large yellow dog bounding right toward her, and she feebly braced herself with her arms as he jumped at her, knocking her to the floor. In mere seconds, she had his giant tongue plastered onto her pretty face. As the thick, wet tongue slipped and slid around on her face, Aqua couldn't help but giggle.

AQUA: Hehehehehehehehey there! You're Pluto, right?

Aqua reached up and gently stroked the dog's head. Pluto nodded and gave a softer bark, gently slurping his tongue up Aqua's cheek and lifting the skin up before slurping it off in a spray of drool. Aqua giggled at this, which encouraged Pluto all the more as he began to slap her cheeks with his tongue, lifting up the skin with each lick.

AQUA: Hahahahahahaha! Wow, that's a lot of energy you got there!

Lightly pushing the dog away, Aqua wiped her face with her sleeve. However, in doing so she turned to expose her bare backside, which Pluto immediately began swiping his tongue against, tickling her.


She spun back around only to see Pluto's pink tongue waiting there for her, slapping right onto her cheek as Pluto lifted her cheek up. Aqua was pulled upward onto her tiptoes as Pluto planted his paws on her shoulders, slapping his tongue on her cheeks one after the other as he licked her backward down the hallway.

AQUA: Kahahahahahahah! Cut it ouhouhouhouhouuuuuuut!

Pluto then leaned his head down and slurped across the girl's athletic legs. Aqua squeaked in surprise and fell on her rump, leaving Pluto with a good opportunity to dive on her again, slapping his tongue to her cheek as she did so as he slurped it up her cheek, lifting the skin up and pushing an eye shut.

AQUA: Plutohohohohohoho! Thahahahat tihihihihickles!

Pluto wagged his tail in happiness, glad that Aqua was having fun. He threw his head forward, slapping his entire tongue across Aqua's whole face, slowly dragging it up to her forehead before he slurped it off in a spray of drool that threw Aqua's head back as she gasped. Chuckling, she clasped a hand to her cheek and smiled as she looked at the panting dog.

AQUA:'re not stopping anytime soon, are you?

Pluto shook his head happily, then threw his tongue at Aqua's face. It slapped onto her cheek and enveloped her entire face, slowly dragging up her cheek and lifting the skin up as Aqua's eyes were squeezed shut. She didn't mind, however, giggling the entire way as Pluto slurped his tongue off of her cheek, then planted his paws on her shoulders to start licking her cheeks over and over again as he licked her down to the ground.

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