Blue Eyes Cute
Blue Eyes, the sexy but naughty member of the criminal gang of the Pokemon Pinchers, has been captured. The Rangers who caught here were recommended to send her to a certain place, and she has now been delivered there.

BLUE EYES: H-hey! What is this, a dog kennel? Is this some kinda insult!?

The flustered teenager is pushed along into Pluto's room, and the door is locked behind her.  She pounds on it uselessly and whines.

BLUE EYES: You can't do this to me! This is inhumane treatment!

She hears a bark, and turns around to see Pluto staring at her dreamily.

BLUE EYES: What'dya think you're lookin' at, mutt? Shoo!

But Pluto instead ignored her, and pounced her to the ground, slurping her face.


Blue Eyes wiped her face and stared at Pluto incredulously. He was panting happily as his tail wagged.

BLUE EYES: Ha ha...well, at least you're a nice doggie! I can appreciate you for that!

The girl reaches up and scratches behind Pluto's ears. This earns her another sloppy kiss from her furry friend.

BLUE EYES: Eeheeheeheehee! Slobbery, too! In a good way, of course!

PLUTO: Woof woof!

Pluto loved this new girl, so he started his treatment with no time wasting, licking her cheek repeatedly, making her giggle up a storm.

BLUE EYES: Really good, ahahaha!

The yellow dog then placed his drooling tongue on the girl's bare midriff, beginning to tickle her playfully.


Pluto's giant tongue starts sliding down Blue Eye's long bare legs, the dog's tail wagging as he tastes them.


Blue Eye's shoes were then bitten off, with Pluto proceeding to slurp away at her bare feet.

BLUE EYES: (Wiggling her toes & pounding the ground) BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Finally Pluto stopped and sat panting to himself in satisfaction. Blue Eyes took this time to take a well deserved breather.

BLUE EYES: Best imprisonment ever! Hee hee! I can get used to this!

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