Pluto was out in the woods one day, playing by himself, when something suddenly crashed to the ground nearby.  Alarmed, the yellow dog raced over to see what it was. He hoped it was a girl for him to lick. Which he was in fact right!  It was a young Indian girl with big, bushy purple hair, lying flat in the dirt having fallen from the vine she'd been energetically swinging on. Her name was Iris, and she was a spunky, tomboyish Dragon Master in training.  Iris moaned in pain.

IRIS: Ooooowwww....My face...

Wanting to make this girl feel better, Pluto swung his tongue down and slapped it right down on her cheek, lifting it upward and making a loud slurping sound, surprising Iris greatly with it's wetness.

IRIS: Waaah! Huh?

She looks at Pluto credulously before breaking out into a wide grin.

IRIS: Ahahaha! Hey, boy! Where'd you come from?

Iris scratches the dog behind the ears. This gets his tongue panting and his tail wagging at great speed.

IRIS: What's your name? (Glances at collar) Pluto? Hiya, Pluto! I'm Iris! I'm a trainee Dragon Master!

Pluto was happy to make a new friend, especially one like Iris.. Axew, Iris' baby dragon Pokemon, stuck his head out of Iris' bushy hair and patted Pluto too. The dog then gave a lick to both the dragon and it's master, with both of them breaking out in laughter.

BOTH: (Laugh)

IRIS: Hahaha! Kind of reminds me of the time I was licked by Lenora's Lillipup, but a lot bigger and with tons more slobber!

Once Iris sat up, Pluto returned his attention to her, his tongue covering her entire face as he licked her, with some of the slobber getting on Axew

IRIS: Hahahahahahaha! Oh, boy! You're a playful one, aren't ya?

Iris half-heatedly tried pushing Pluto away. However, he was pressing her against the ground pretty firmly, so she only managed to move him a little, but not enough to get him off.  Pluto grinned and began licking her hands.

IRIS: Heeheeheehahahahaha! Take it easy, boy!

Pluto bent down and started licking Iris' ankles, a particularly ticklish spot for her.

IRIS: Hahahahahahahaha! Heel, Pluto!

This just made Pluto start licking her heels instead.

IRIS: Hahahahahahahahaheeheeheeheehee! That tickles!

Iris turned around to avoid further tickling, but Pluto stuck his head up and licked the back of her neck.

IRIS: Heeheeheehahahahahahahahahaha! Aw, I love you too, Pluto!

Turning back around, Iris threw her arms around the dog and hugged him. This made them both smile at each other.

IRIS: You wanna take me back to where you came from, boy?

PLUTO: Yeahyeahyeah!

And the dog then bounded away, with Iris following behind, back to the kennel where more fun would be had!