Pluto Licks Kairi
Through a portal of darkness, Pluto arrived on the tropical world of Destiny Islands one late afternoon. King Mickey's large, yellow dog looked around at all the beautiful sights of this exotic place, wagging his tail as his big pink tongue lolled out of his mouth as he panted.

All of a sudden, Pluto was hit with a scent he'd never smelled before entering his nostrils. The dog stuck his nose in the air and took in several deep sniffs. It smelled like beautiful summer flowers soaked in salt water, with a strong sprinkling of sugar and spice in equal measures. Each whiff he took of it made his tail wag harder and faster.

The dog's hunting instincts kicked into gear as his nose pointed in a straight direction down a path toward the ocean. A huge playful smile stretched across Pluto's canine face before he started running as fast as he could, barking loudly and excitedly all the way.  This scent definitely belonged to a human, and it was so delightful that he just had to meet it's source!

Standing on the beach several miles away was Kairi. Kairi was a very pretty teenage girl with shoulder-length crimson hair and dazzling blue eyes. She was dressed in a white underskirt and pink overskirt that left most of her luscious skin exposed, justifiable by the warm weather.  Her shoulders, arms, and long skinny legs were all in plain view.

The girl stared longingly out at the playground island across the ocean and then hung her head downward, softly murmuring to herself. "Maybe waiting isn't good enough...."

Kairi was snapped out of her thoughts when loud, booming barks rang out behind her. Lifting her head up in an abrupt motion, Kairi let out a surprised gasp.

Kairi turned around and saw a yellow dog running across the sandy dunes at an alarming speed, tongue flapping out of his mouth and eyes locked straight onto the girl. Before she could possibly do anything about it, the large dog jumped up as he neared her. At once Kairi felt two heavy paws press against her shoulders, which tilted her whole body which wobbled slightly before falling straight onto the ground.  

She let out an "Oof!" as she felt her back hit the sand, then looked up to see the dog standing over her, his two paws on her shoulders pinning her down. His tail was thumping against the sand, and Kairi could feel his breath on her face as he panted hard and loud.

It took a moment for Kairi to recognize the dog, but she soon remembered seeing him before when she was inside Sora's heart. It was Pluto, King Mickey's dog! Excited to meet this wonderful-smelling girl, Pluto leaned his head down and pressed his mattress-sized tongue, which was oozing with slobber, down on Kairi's cheek. The taste of her skin was immediately satisfying to him.

Kairi closed her eyes and felt the dog's tongue lift the skin of her cheek upward as it licked her. Her mouth twisted into a huge grin as she felt the right side of her face get drenched in Pluto's loving slobber, which sprayed off the tongue and over her when he was through. This got the good-natured tomboy giggling as she opened up her eyes and gazed upon the smiling mutt.

"Aaahahahahahahahaha! You-you're Pluto, right?" she asked as she beamed back at the dog in return, "How are you doing, boy?" Pluto responded with a nod and a cheerful bark before sticking his tongue out and slapping it down on Kairi's cheek again. Kairi laughed as she felt it slurp across her skin repeatedly.

"Ha ha! Easy, boy, easy!" Kairi reached over and began scratching Pluto behind his ears, giggling as she did so. This got Pluto's tail wagging to no end, and his tongue went up and down like a yo-yo as he panted.

"Hee hee! You seem to be pretty fond of me, huh?" Kairi asked, amused at this dog's excessive friendliness. Pluto nodded his head vigorously and panted what sounded like "Yeahyeahyeah!" right before his tongue swung out again, consuming Kairi's entire face before slurping her from chin to forehead in a shower of drool. He'd never met a girl as amazing as her. She looked wonderful, had a wonderful personality, smelled wonderful, and did she ever taste wonderful!

The big dog's slobbery tongue then met Kairi's delicate hands with a splattering sound before slowly traveling up her arms, licking her all the way to her broad shoulders. This took Kairi by surprise and she laughed "Woahahahahahahaha! Pluto, you silly mutt!"

Kairi's laughter sounded as beautiful as her. Looking at her with fondness, Pluto moved his tongue up her arm much more slowly, taking the time to savor her hysterical giggling. The mischievous dog then gently bit onto her shoes and pulled them off, exposing her bare feet. Kairi's grin widened and her laughter increased when she felt Pluto's salivating tongue slap against her soles and begin licking them excessively.

"OK, OK, boy!" the redhead said amidst giggles "I'm glad you like me, but take it easy!" This didn't stop Pluto's progress at all, and his big wet tongue slid off from her feet and up her leg, slurping her knees and ankles.

Kairi put a hand to her mouth as she giggled before playfully asking Pluto "I'm pretty tasty, huh, boy?" Pluto jerked his head up and nodded it, panting another "Yeahyeahyeah!" as he smiled at Kairi. To emphasize his point, Pluto licked his lips slowly. He then swung his big, wet tongue out and slapped it onto Kairi's cheek, lifting the skin up and tilting Kairi's head, which made Kairi laugh again as she said "Glad you like me!"

This talk of Kairi's taste just made Pluto want even more of it. He leaned down to her bare shoulders and began smothering them with licks. Kairi kicked her legs in the air and laughed as more of her sun-kissed skin was slobbered over. "Heeheehahaha! Good bohohohohoy!"

Pluto then stopped to happily get a gaze of Kairi's beautiful face. Pressing his own furry face against her's, the dog nuzzled her affectionately. Kairi grinned and resumed fondly petting her new best animal friend. Pluto's tail wagged happily as Kairi stroked his head, but quickly decided he wanted another taste of his new best friend's skin. His tongue swung out and slapped onto Kairi's chin, the girl's head being forced backward as Pluto dragged his tongue to the tip of her chin before slurping it off. Kairi giggled at the feeling. Pluto, emboldened by the sound, put his paws on her shoulders.

Kairi had enough time to smile at him before Pluto's thick tongue landed on her cheek with a soft splat, trailing saliva as Pluto dragged it up her face and lifted her cheek along with it. Even as her cheek was licked Kairi was laughing again, and Pluto's tongue came again and again, faster and faster, lifting Kairi's cheeks up with each lick until finally Pluto knocked Kairi to the ground. Kairi squealed and squirmed, still giggling happily as Pluto slurped her cheeks again and again.