A whistle rang through the air around Pluto as he sat in a field outside Radiant Garden. Whirling his head around, the dog's tongue flopped out of his mouth and began to pant as he saw Kairi walking toward him.

KAIRI: Hey, Pluto!

Kairi twisted and turned her body to show off the stylish new outfit she was wearing, which complimented her new, shorter haircut.

KAIRI: So, what'dya think?

*WOLF-WHISTLE!* was the answer inside Pluto's mind, and he began panting louder and harder before giving Kairi a loud, complimentary bark, making her giggle.

KAIRI: Hee hee! I thought you'd like it!

The grin on her face was the last straw for Pluto, and before she knew it, the dog had jumped in front of her and his tongue was flying straight toward her cheek.