Rinoa Pluto
Rinoa Heartilly walked into the kennel and signed on to visit the dog named Pluto. The teenage black-haired beauty had heard many things about him and had decided he'd be perfect to play with. Entering his room, Rinoa put her fingers in her mouth and whistled.

RINOA: Oh, Plutooooo!  You got a visitor! 

Pluto arrived on the scene shortly, barking joyfully at the girl.  Rinoa giggled as he ran a few circles around her before crouching down and panting as he wagged his tail in the air.  Smiling, Rinoa bent down and got to Pluto's level, her pretty face close to his as he breathed on her.

RINOA: Hey, boy!  I'm Rinoa!  I really like dogs alot! 

PLUTO: Woof woof!

The bark meant that Pluto really liked girls alot too, and to show this, he gave Rinoa a warm lick in the face.

RINOA: Hahahahahahaha!  Glad to see the feeling's mutual here!

Rinoa holds her pinky finger up and winks at Pluto playfully. This excites Pluto even more, so much that he knocks her down and slurps her cheek some more.  Rinoa laughs as her face gets wettened.

RINOA: Good boy, Pluto! Ha ha ha ha!

Pluto's tail is wagging excitedly as he slobbers all over her neck next.  He then begins licking her arms and shoulders, which makes her laugh harder as she kicks her long, sexy legs in the air.

RINOA: Hee hee hee ha ha ha ha!

She was kicking so much, her shoes flew off, leaving her feet bare. Pluto barked happily before slurping them from heel to toe.  Rinoa's body jerked as she laughed even more.

RINOA: Puahahahahahahahaha!  P-Plutohohohohohoooo!

Pluto then licks up her long legs, leaving drool trails along the way up.

RINOA: Wohooooah, hahahahahaha!  C-cut it out, boy!

Pluto went straight back up to her face, slurping it from chin to forehead, drenching her in drool.

RINOA: Heh!  Keep it up, Pluto!  I love dog slobber!

The dog was glad to hear that, because he didn't want to stop anytime soon anyway! So he kept up his kissing assault.

RINOA: Heeheeheehahahahahahaha! Feel free to keep going on for as long as you want!

To encourage the dog, she began scratching him behind the ears rapidly. This got Pluto's tail wagging and his tongue slurping faster, making Rinoa's grin widen as she cheerfully rubbed the sides of Pluto's canine face.

RINOA: Heeheehahahahahahahahaha! It feels so good! Hahahaheehee!

Pluto eventually stops and just rests his head on Rinoa's chest, panting happily.

RINOA: Aww, you must be tired.

Pluto smacked his lips and nodded before curling his body up closer to Rinoa's.

RINOA: Sleep tight, my slobbery furry friend. (Winks)