Charmcaster, sentenced to imprisonment in the kennel, was escorted into a spacious cell. The teen witch glanced around and saw another girl of her age sitting down on a bench, a blonde with a floppy hat and black uniform with a red "R" on it. This was Domino, who had also been sentenced here for her crimes.

DOMINO: Hey there!  What are you in for?

CHARMCASTER: Probably the same kinda thing you're in for.

DOMINO: Can't believe they have this as a sentencing! 

CHARMCASTER: Seriously!  What do we look like, doggy chew toys?

Then, right on cue, Max's loud barking was heard.  The sheepdog burst through the door, panting loudly when he saw the two naughty teenagers standing side by side.  The girls stepped back nervously.

BOTH: Uh-oh!

Max pounced both of them in a matter of seconds, before licking Charmcaster's face, lifting her cheek up as his wet tongue took in her taste.  Charmcaster wiped her face with her sleeve, trying to look mad at the dog and not smile.

CHARMCASTER: Back off, dog breath! Leave me alone!

But Max wasn't fooled by this, as he kept up his greeting, trying his best to get her to crack. The more his slobbering tongue lifted her cheek up, the more Charmcaster's mouth twisted into a smile, and finally she laughed.

CHARMCASTER: All right, you big mutt!  I'm glad to see you again too!  Heheheheh!

DOMINO: You know this mutt?!

CHARMCASTER: Uh-huh.  Looks like you do too!  (To Max) So go on, boy!  Give her your special greeting!

DOMINO: Don't even think about it!

But Max knew no threat from this girl, so just as Charmcaster ordered, he slurped up Domino's face completely.

DOMINO: Gaaaaah!

CHARMCASTER: Admit that you love it!

Max began licking Domino's cheek repeatedly until she finally broke down into laughter.

DOMINO: Hahahahahaha!  OK, OK, I admit it!


Max then took turns with each pretty naughty girl, slurping his tongue across their skin, taking in their different tastes altogether and enjoying how well they mingled.

CHARMCASTER: I guess this is our punishment, hahahahaha!

DOMINO: Heheheheheheee! I can handle that!

Max then licked their hands, then their necks, followed by their long sexy legs, leaving both girls kicking, laughing, dripping wet messes.  They both began petting and rubbing Max after getting back up.

CHARMCASTER: This is one good dog who knows how to have fun with bad girls!

DOMINO: You can say that again, sister!

MAX: Woof!  Woof!

The happy sheepdog pinned both of them to the ground and licked their faces over and over again.

BOTH: Eeeheehahahahahahahahaha! We love you, too! Just take it easy!

Max lifts up both girls' shirts with his teeth before slurping away at both their midriff areas.


Max stops just before they pass out, drenched in slobber and smiles on their pretty faces.

CHARMCASTER: Hey, I got an idea to make this even more fun!

DOMINO: Really?  What's that?

Charmcaster winks as she magically produces a pack of cards from her long sleeve.

CHARMCASTER: You and I play some strip poker!  (Turns to Max) Do you like the sound of that, boy?

The large sheepdog panted happily and dreamily at the idea of this game, and gave an affirmative bark.

DOMINO: All right, let's do it!

The two girls play the game, both of them ending up stripping their boots and socks off so that their bare feet are exposed.  Then Charmcaster's coat goes, and Domino's hat, and both their shirts.  In the end, both girls have stripped down to nothing but their bras and underpants.  Once the game is finished, they turn to Max.

BOTH: (Whistling) We're ready when you are, boy!

Max doesn't waste any time jumping at them, pinning them down while he starts licking their bare feet.

BOTH: Wheeheeheeheehahahahahahahahaha! It tickles so much!

The drooling tongue then moves it's way up their legs, making them squirm and laugh harder.

BOTH: Ohahahahahahahaha!  Ahahahahahaha!

He then takes his time licking from their midriffs all the way up to their faces, drenching them in slobber.

BOTH: Bwahahahahahahahaha! Aw, geez! Heeheehee!

While he stopped momentarily to pant and let the girls catch their breath, he was soon at it again with them, this time individually. His tongue swiped up Charmcaster's bare shoulder and up against her cheek, lifting the skin on it upward and squeezing her eye shut in the process.

CHARMCASTER: Woooahahahahahahahahaha!

Domino was next, with Max pressing his drooling tongue up against her entire face and licking it several times in succession.

DOMINO: Eheheheheheheheheeheehee!

Max then lay down between the girls, panting warm breath on them as slobber dripped down his lolling tongue. They both sat up so that they could ruffle his shaggy white fur. This made him pant happily while wagging his tail. The two nearly naked girls then looked at each other, smiled and shook each other's slobber-soaked hands.

CHARMCASTER: The name's Charmcaster, by the way.

DOMINO: Domino!  Glad to meet you, Charmy!  I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship!

CHARMCASTER: Heheh! I think you're right about that!

Max then licks both girl's faces, prompting more laughter from them.