Kris 2
Kris strolled into Max's kennel room as the sun came up over the horizon, beaming at the large sheepdog's gray and white fur when she fixed her eyes on him.

KRIS: Heya, mutt! How's it hangin'? Been having some fun lately?

Her furry friend answered like he typically would with any girl: by charging right at her, slamming into her with great force and lifting his head up, with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. He licked Kris right on the cheek, lifting it up and making it bounce as the tongue slurped off it, a spray of saliva raining down in its wake.

KRIS: Hahahahaha! Great to see you again too, boy! I've got something for you to do!

Max was excited already, has he already knew it involved a pretty girl to drench in slobber. Max ran around in a circle a few times, panting like mad as slobber sprayed everywhere.

KRIS: Hehehehehe! Alright, calm down, boy!

After wiping the slobber from her face, the smiling blue-haired girl bent down to be at eye-level with the panting sheepdog, and had her hand inside her bag. Max was curious as to what she was gonna have in store for him, and panted more heavily.

KRIS: I got something for you to help me with, boy. You wanna help me?

Max would do anything to help one of his pals, so his answer was an affirmative nod and bark.

KRIS: Recognize this, boy?

Grinning, Kris pulled out a familiar red and white cap; a cap that belonged to the notorious teenage Team Rocket operative Domino! Kris whistled a slight tune as she gestured at the cap, and Max began barking and panting in high excitement at this.

KRIS: Yeah, that's it! Go on, boy! Get the scent, and find the naughty girl!

Max immediately started sniffing the cap, which only got him even more riled up. He bound off, searching for the scent he desired, the delectable scent of Domino. Eventually, he found the scent of the naughty girl, and soon took off running in search for its source!

KRIS: All right, Max! Nice nose you got!

Kris ran behind the dog, eager to catch up to her criminal frenemy. Domino was spying on a potential robbery target when she heard the loud barking from behind her.

DOMINO: Oh, CRAP! It's that mutt again!

The petite teen blonde began dashing away at once. But she knew she couldn't escape from Max. Max saw her go and bounded on after her, happy at having someone to chase! This silly chase went on for some time before Max leaped and tackled Domino to the ground!

DOMINO: Aaaaaah!

Domino's eyes widened and before she knew it, her face was engulfed by a pink, slobbery mess.

DOMINO: Yeeeeech! Why this?

Kris laughed at the sight of Max slurping up Domino's face, bending over and slapping her knee.

KRIS: Gohohohohohood boy! Heheheheh! You got her good!

DOMINO: You?! Ughh! I should've guessed! Of course you sent this mutt after me!

The blue-haired tomboy chuckled and gave a mocking salute gesture, before waving the thief's cap at her to taunt her.

KRIS: Next time, don't leave something with your scent behind!

DOMINO: Like that'd do any good, this mutt could smell me from miles away!

KRIS: Heh! That's a good point!

Max barked in agreement at his powerful nose, before planted yet another slobbery lick across Domino's whole face, making the villainess cringe and grimace.

DOMINO: Sheesh! I'd almost forgotten how gross this feels!

The sheepdog licked her again and again, and slowly a grin spread across her lips.

DOMINO: Though at the same time, it also feels kinda delightful!

KRIS: I bet Max thinks you smell delightful...and taste delightful too! Heheh!

DOMINO: I'm sure he does!

As if to confirm this, Max let out a hardy bark and proceed to sniff Domino over for a minute, then panted heavily in her face before giving her cheek a huge slurp, saliva spraying everywhere.

DOMINO: Hahahahahahaha! OK, mutt, OK! 

KRIS: That's right, boy! Soak her down real good!

DOMINO: Grrrr! Don't encourage him!

Max gave a joyful bark and started to unleash his tongue Domino, licking her everywhere it could reach!

DOMINO: Heeheeheeheeheehahahahahahahaha! Stohohohop, you mutt!

The criminal girl writhed amidst the laughter, pounding the floor as she laughed hysterically while Max's large, wet tongue took its time slurping at her legs.


Kris bent down and, in one swift motion, pulled the boots off Domino's feet, allowing Max to lick more of her body.

KRIS: Yoink! Haha!

DOMINO: N-No! Give those back! Please!

KRIS: Well, get ready while you still can!

DOMINO: Oh no...

The fur above one of Max's eyes lifted when he saw Domino's bare feet. He grinned and thoroughly licked his lips as he stared at them with the intent of licking them with utmost force. Max then pressed his tongue against Domino's soles and gave them each a nice, slow slurp. Just as delicious as Max had imagined them to be. This of course caused Domino to roar with laughter.


Domino threw back her head as she laughed hysterically, tears welling up in her violet eyes. She then felt Max push his paws down on her ankles, holding her feet still as he licks between her wiggling toes.


KRIS: Sorry, that's Max's call, not mine! Tehehe!


Soon, Max stopped and remained sitting still, panting happily, his lolling tongue dripping large quantities of slobber all down Domino's clothes. Said criminal was inhaling deeply while Kris chuckled.

KRIS: Nice work there, boy! (Thumbs-up)

DOMINO: Yeah, (evil smirk) but now it's YOUR turn!

KRIS: Huh? Wah!

Max jumped onto Kris, knocking her to the ground beside Domino and began licking her.


DOMINO: So, how does it feel?

KRIS: It feels amazing actually. Really nice on the skin. I don't want to be a hog, after all, so why don't you have some for yourself?

DOMINO: Grrrr, why you little-

Max didn't waste anytime and charged straight toward Domino, tackled her to the ground, and began coating her entire body in slobber.

DOMINO: Tehehahahahahahahahahahahahaha! You were right; it does feel great! Thanks a bunch!

KRIS: (Winks) Haha! No problem, sister!

After giving Domino's whole body a thick coating of slobber, Max turned to Kris and tackled her to the ground, giving her the exact same treatment he did with Domino.

KRIS: Hehehehehehehe! I love you too, boy!

DOMINO: How could you not?

Max then proceeded to knock Domino down alongside Kris, and gave her face a barrage of licks.

DOMINO: Ohohohohohohohoho!

Kris laughed along with Domino as she scooted closer and wrapped her arm around the other girl's shoulder.

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