Scooby Doo was nervous. Several old enemies of Mystery Inc. had teamed up to get revenge on them, and Fred had suggested a divide and conquer defense maneuver in which all five members of the gang would split up and lie in wait with their own traps to capture one of the villains. But Scooby never had much luck with traps and could only hope that it didn't fail.

The big cowardly dog was doubly lucky that night. When his trap was sprung, he heard the captured villain yelp...a girly, high-pitched yelp. "Hruh?" Scooby asked aloud, then sniffed the air, and the scent of peaches entered his nose, causing him to pant. Then he realized exactly which villain he had caught: Alice May! Alice May was a lovely teenage girl with platinum blonde hair, a fright fetish, and a fondness for skimpy outfits. She was one foe that Scooby was not frightened of in the least, which was only reinforced as he saw her, hanging only a few inches off the ground by a pulley rope that was coiled tight around her hands, humorously squirming and struggling to free herself. Scooby chuckled loudly at this, which alerted Alice May to his presence.

"Wha-? Aw, no!" Alice cried in dismay. She kicked at him weakly, glaring at him. "Go away, mutt! Leave me alone!"

Scooby cocked his head at her and giggled again. Come to think of it, Alice May was rather pretty, and she smelled nice to boot. Scooby had seen the results of when he had licked Velma silly in her house several nights ago, and after three more instances of ambushing her when the gang met and licking her silly, Scooby had decided he enjoyed slobbering all over women.

Scooby crept closer to Alice, letting his big tongue hang out of his mouth as his tail began wagging. Alice in the meantime began shaking her head. "No you don't! Get away from me!"

Scooby nodded his head, giggling mischievously before he moved his head closer to hers. Alice scrunched her eyes shut as something big, warm, and wet hit her right on the cheek, lifting the skin up and tilting her head to the side as she opened one eye to see Scooby's massive tongue sliding up her cheek in a spray of drool. As Scooby pulled it off in a slurp of saliva Alice squealed and ducked away. "Eeeeeeeewwww! Don't do that!"

After a moment of taking in Alice May's taste, the Great Dane began to loudly and vigorously lick his lips, making the girl's eyes widen in horror at the sight. "Ooooooh no! NO!" she said, kicking weakly at him as Scooby got closer. "You get that slobbery thing away from meEEEEEEEK!" Alice squealed as Scooby's tongue slapped onto her cheek again, the Great Dane slowly dragging it up her face and lifting her cheek up. No sooner had he slurped it off in a spray of drool then he had slapped it onto her other cheek, repeating the process again and again as his tongue slapped Alice's face, sending drool flying everywhere as his tongue slapped her soft cheeks about.

"Augh! Ech, it's so wet!" Alice complained, wishing her hands were free so that she could wipe her face with them. Scooby stopped licking her for a moment to pant, a fond grin on his face as he stared at Alice. Slowly but surely, Alice's lips formed a smirk and she began to giggle. "But y'know," she conceded, "If I had to get caught, I'm glad it's by an adoring fan like you!"

Scooby blushed and nodded happily then leaned in again, his giant tongue slapping onto Alice's cheek and rolling it up, pushing one of her eyes shut. "Ahahahahahahahahahaha!" Alice laughed, "Aw Scooby, you're so nice!"

"Ruh-huh!" Scooby replied with a nod, "And rou really taste nice!"

"You don't say?" Alice responded in a teasing voice, giggling as she winked playfully at the dog. This only made Scooby's tail wag harder and he planted his paws on Alice's shoulders, his weight actually snapping the rope and making Alice land on the ground with a grunt. Scooby was on top of her immediately, his giant pink tongue swinging from side to side as he slapped each of Alice May's cheeks, spraying drool everywhere as her cheeks rolled up.

Alice cringed, but she also couldn't help but laugh even louder as Scooby kept this up. "Oh yeah! Best captor I coulda asked for!" she giggled, in between loud slurps from Scooby's tongue to her cheeks. 

"Rank you! And you're the best raptive! Rehehehehe!"

That being said, Scooby and began piling on licks to her neck, which made her giggling intensify.

"Hahahahahahahahahaha! Alright, settle down!"

Scooby couldn't help himself, however, and only kept slurping up her neck, his tongue even slurping up to Alice's chin. Alice's giggles grew louder until she was laughing uproariously, slapping her hand against the ground and kicking her feet in the air.


Scooby still showed no sign of stopping, as he kept on delivering fast, sloppy licks to her neck and face.


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