Velma Dinkley sighed in relief as she sat in her living room, reading a book. It was fun (if hazardous) running around solving mysteries with the rest of the gang, but occasionally she needed some time to herself. And to her, a night just for her to read and work on some of her own, more personal projects. Of course, one of her friends had other plans for her tonight. As Velma sat in her living room reading, a slim, shadowy figure stalked up to her front door. Scooby Doo, the figure in question, giggled to himself as he went over his plan again. He had managed to sneak out of the house tonight without Shaggy knowing, and so he could get to Velma's without anyone knowing. Lifting his tail he maneuvered it towards Velma's doorbell, and rang it.

Velma looked up from her book, puzzled. Who would be here at this hour? Shutting her book and getting up, she went to the front door. She couldn't see anyone out of the peephole, and it couldn't have been a mailman...Velma opened the door, only to see a pair of big brown paws fly up and plant themselves on her shoulders, followed by a giant pink tongue hitting her right on the cheek with a loud splat. Velma's freckled cheek was lifted up hugely as Scooby's enormous tongue dragged slowly up her face, pushing her eye shut and knocking her glasses onto the floor.

As the giant tongue left her cheek, Velma stumbled backwards, but she laughed all the same. "Hahaha! Even without my glasses I know who that is! What are you doing here, Scooby?"

Scooby's answer was another swipe across Velma's face with his giant tongue, this time slurping from Velma's chin to her forehead. As it swept off in a spray of saliva, Scooby grinned at Velma's dripping face, then went back in. Velma's cheeks were lifted up again and again as Scooby's big tongue slurped them over and over, her head bobbing from side to side with each lick. Velma could do nothing but giggle with each swipe of Scooby's tongue as he licked her back across the room, slobber flying from his tongue with each lick before one final lick from her chin to her forehead threw her head back and she collapsed back into her chair.

Velma giggled as she wiped her face, looking up at Scooby as he stood in front of her, his giant tongue lolling out of his mouth. "Hehehe...So, having fun Scooby?"

Scooby nodded and swung his head forward again, and Velma was pressed back against her chair as Scooby's tongue slapped against her entire face all the way back to her ears, slowly dragging up her face to her forehead before swiping off in a spray of drool. Velma started laughing again as Scooby swept his tongue off her face, but Scooby then tackled her, knocking the chair onto its back as he his tongue slapped Velma's face again and again, lifting up her cheeks and covering her whole face from her chin to her forehead.

Stopping and leaving Velma alone to laugh for a moment, Scooby retrieved the girl's glasses and gave them to her so that she could see him clearly. Once she did, Velma wrapped both her arms around the Great Dane's furry neck and hugged him. "OK, OK, Scooby!" she laughed, "I'm glad you're here too!"

Scooby responded to this by giving Velma's face another sloppy lick, this one going up all the way to her hair. It slurped off of Velma's face with a big spray of drool, and Scooby planted his big paws on Velma's shoulders again as he started to lick her from chin to forehead again and again, each time slobber flying into the air as Scooby's tail wagged energetically, Velma could do nothing but jerk and flail with each lick, though in between them Scooby could hear her laughing. Occasionally he would switch targets and go for one of Velma's soft freckled cheeks, lifting the skin up there and forcing an eye shut as Velma waved her arms uselessly trying to get him to back away. In between licks Scooby giggled; this was fun, it had been a long time since he'd licked Velma silly like this.

Soon Velma's glasses were rendered useless due to being drenched in dog saliva, and she chuckled as she took them off and set them aside. When she turned her head back around, Scooby's tongue slapped across her whole face and licked upward slowly, producing a great deal of slobber as it did. Velma flailed and giggled underneath Scooby's thick tongue as it slowly dragged its way up her face before finally slurping off in a spray of drool. This last lick had so much force that it actually knocked Velma's chair over, sending her falling to the ground on her back. Scooby dove after her, straddling Velma's chest to stop her from moving as he bent down to continue licking her face.

"Jihihihihihinkies!" Velma laughed, "I had no idea I tasted so good!"

Velma's cheeks were shoved upward again and again as Scooby's tongue slobbered all over them, lifting them up and pushing Velma's eyes shut as she flailed and kicked to try and get Scooby off of her. Scooby paid them no mind, however, instead slapping his tongue against Velma's cheeks before he gave her another massive lick form chin to hairline. Afterwards, he lowered his head down toward Velma's bare legs and began licking them on the knees, which just made her laugh even harder.

"Scooby!" Velma squealed, kicking even more. "Scooby, no!"

Scooby gave her legs a few more good slurps before he returned to Velma's face, slapping his tongue hard into her cheek before dragging it up, farther than he'd ever lifted a licked cheek before, seemingly until it covered half of Velma's face from the combined area of Scooby's giant tongue and Velma's licked cheek. Then, once he was finally satisfied, Scooby backed off to give Velma a breather, chuckling to himself as he did.

Velma wiped her cheeks, still giggling at Scooby's antics. " I taste good?"

Scooby nodded, giggling, but he wasn't full on Velma's taste yet. He dove back on her, and she squealed in surprise before her face was once again covered by Scooby's giant tongue.

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