"There, there! Good boy!" Mito Takami cooed as she rubbed the fur of her family's large dog, Shiitake. It was at this point that Riko Sakurauchi, best friend of Mito's younger sister Chika, exited the dressing room, now dressed in a skimpy, fashionable maid's outfit needed for she and her friends' idol group practice.  A soft gasp escaped Riko's lips when she saw Shiitake, for she had a pretty bad fear of dogs, even ones she knew.

Shiitake picked up the scent of Riko immediately after he heard her exit the dressing room. Riko smiled nervously and tried to evade Shiitake. although she was starting to think well of him, she was still terrified of him nonetheless. Riko ran in the other direction, with Shiitake chasing after her. "Gah! Get away from me!" shouted Riko and she took off running.

"SHIITAKE, NO!" Mito yelled as Shiitake chased Riko around the hall. Riko screamed as she ran aimlessly in a circle, feeling the dog's hot breath right behind her which only freaked her out even more.

The redheaded teen clumsily managed to dash through a door to another room, but was unable to close the door behind her before Shiitake entered as well, insistent on staying hot on her heels. "DOWN, BOY!" Riko shrieked as she stumbled along, trying to avoid the dog. At that moment, Riko clumsily tripped and hit the ground. Shiitake had her right where he wanted her; there was no going back now.

Shiitake sniffed Riko over a bit, before giving her cheek a giant, slobbery lick, slowly lifting it upwards. This in turn caused Riko to shriek a little. "EEK! NO! GET AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!"

Riko tried shielding herself with her arms, only for Shiitake to lick those instead, dragging his tongue across them. Riko turned her head in the opposite direction and spat, disgusted at the excessive dog slobber coming from Shiitake's huge tongue. "Yuck! Stop that!"

Shiitake wasn't planning on stopping anytime soon, and continued to slowly drag his tongue up his cheeks repeatedly, much to Riko's dismay. "Ugh! Shiitakeeeeeeeee!" the redhead whined, feebly flailing underneath the dog's weight. 

Her friends had peeked their heads out from the other room at this point, and couldn't help but crack up at the sight. "Hahahaha...good boy, Shiitake." said Mito, petting the big white dog.

This gave Riko the chance to crawl away. " Ugh! That was gross!" she exclaimed, wiping the slobber off of her face.

"Aw, c'mon! That's his way of saying he likes you." Mito replied.

"Are you sure?" Riko asked.

"Sure, I'm sure!" replied Mito. "Hold out your hand and see for yourself. Don't worry, he won't bite."

"Well, alright..." Riko said nervously. She then hesitantly held her hand out to Shiitake, which he then sniffed over and gave a big lick to. This startled Riko a bit, but smiled a little afterwards. "Heh, that actually wasn't that bad..." Riko said.

Shiitake gave a happy bark before jumping up and licking the side of Riko's face again. This time, Riko was less grossed out and her face actually twisted into a smile."Eheheheheheh! G-good boy!" she laughed as she managed to reach out and pet Shiitake on the head. Shiitake felt Riko's hand on his head and panted, his big pink tongue hanging out of his mouth, clearly begging for more.

Riko giggled and continued the petting, this time with both hands on his fur making Shiitake pant even harder until he gave her face another lick. "Hahahaha! Hey, Shiitake, stop! That's starting to tickle!" said Riko. "I'll leave you two to it, then." said Mito mischievously, as she could see where this was going. "Uh-oh." Riko said to herself. Shiitake then began licking Riko's face repeatedly again and he wasn't planning on stopping anytime soon.

"Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Shitakeeeheeheeheeheeheeheeeee!" laughed Riko, her cheeks being lifted up by the white dog's large tongue. Shiitake decided it was time to try a new tactic. So, he pressed his paws onto Riko's shoulders and shoved her to the ground on her back. This made licking Riko's face easier for Shiitake, and tickled Riko even more.

"Hahahahahahaha!! Oh! Hehehehe!! Stop it, Shiitake!!" she exclaimed as she giggled. But this made Shiitake only want to lick her even more.That being said, he continued licking Riko's face like no tomorrow. Still giggling like crazy, Riko decided to stop struggling to evade the big dog and just threw her arms around him. "Hahahahahaha! OK, OK, I love you too, Shiitake!"