Toby was relaxing in his kennel room one evening when the scent of Green entered his nose. Jumping to his feet, the enormous hound charged toward the pretty girl in the black dress, giving her a welcome lick.

GREEN: Hahahahaha! OK, boy, OK! Easy!

Green stepped back from the heavily panting dog a little and then smiled widely at him.

GREEN: Today, I've got an evildoer for you to find! And I know those are the tastiest to you!

She pulled out a white glove and held it up to Toby's large nose. so he could smell out the scent.

GREEN: Her name's Sabrina! She's a psychic, a part of Team Rocket, a Gym leader, and my rival! Go on, boy, get her scent now! Smells good, doesn't she?

Toby inhaled as deeply as he could and soon took off like a bullet, Green close behind.

GREEN: Atta boy, Toby!

Sabrina was standing in the middle of the woods, meditating in order to hone her psychic powers. Her thought process was interrupted by the sound of barking coming her way, which made her eyes open wide.

SABRINA: (Gasp!) Uh-oh!

She then turned around and tried running as fast as she could. For each step she took, she heard another thundering step close behind, and the panting of an enormous dog. Realizing that running wouldn't cut it, Sabrina used her powers to levitate into the air and grasped a tree branch, hanging on in hopes that the animal pursuing her wouldn't be able to reach. Her hopes were then crushed as Toby reached up to her with his tongue, slurping across her legs and rear end.


The psychic girl let go of the branch and landed with a crash on the ground, directly below the lolling tongue of the dog that rained drops of saliva down on her.

SABRINA: (wiping the slobber off) Eecch! Gross!

Sabrina got to her feet, only to be faced with Toby's tongue up close and personal when it swung down and licked her entire frontside! She then looked up, and saw the biggest dog she had ever seen!

SABRINA: You're...Toby! How...?

Green strolled over, smirking and waving Sabrina's glove around in a teasing manner.

GREEN: I gave him your scent! Sorry 'bout that! Heh!

SABRINA: Grrrrrrrr! Greeeeeeen! You little-

Before she could finish, Toby's tongue had slapped against her once more!

SABRINA: Uuuuuurrrgh!

Sabrina had been licked so hard that her shirt had been lifted up, exposed her whole navel area. Green playfully gave a loud wolf-whistle, which made Sabrina blush furiously as she pulled her shirt back down.

GREEN: Hahaha! Looking kinda flushed there, Sabrina! Better watch that blood pressure!

SABRINA: Quiet, you!

GREEN: Hey, Toby! How's your chance to get an even better whiff of that lovely Sabrina fragrance!

Toby did just that, pressing his nose against Sabrina and sniffing repeatedly. This got her giggling girly giggles.

SABRINA: Heheheheheheheheh! Stohohohohohop!

GREEN: Mmmmm, smells good enough to lick, doesn't she?

Toby couldn't agree with her more, so he thrust his tongue down on Sabrina over and over.

SABRINA: Gaaaaaaaah! G-godamn it, Green!

GREEN: Yes, I'm the worst, aren't I?

Green winked and blew Sabrina a kiss teasingly. Toby recopirated with a kiss of his own.

GREEN: Eee! Hahahahahaha! Toby! You're the best!

SABRINA: Heh...guess he likes sauciness!

Toby then alternated between the two girls, slurping one and then the other.

GREEN: Heeheeheeheehahahahahahaaa!

SABRINA: No! Ahahahaha! Stop it! Hahaha! That tickles!

Green moved closer to Sabrina and soon Toby's tongue was swiping across both girls' bodies at once!

GIRLS: Wheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!

These two tasted even better together than they did apart, so Toby started licking them even faster, drenching them with slobber from head to toe.

GREEN: Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Good boy, Toby!

SABRINA: Hahaha! Green, stop encouraging him! Heeheehee!

GREEN: Make me! (Teasingly sticks her tongue out at Sabrina)

Sabrina's face turns beet red in anger...right before getting soaked by Toby's tongue again!

SABRINA: Heeheeheeheehahahahahahahahahaha!

The psychic beauty shrugged, a grin on her face, and Green wrapped a friendly arm around her waist.

GREEN: Knew you'd get into it eventually!

SABRINA: What can I say? You're a good influence on me sometimes!

Toby then slurped them both up once more.

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