Spike was roaming the halls of Duel Academy, waiting for his master Sinbad to get back with his new deck of cards. As he trotted along, a noteworthy scent entered his nose. Sniffing loudly, Spike's eyes widened at just how good this smelled! Immediately, he was off to locate the source, which happened to be a beautiful, large-chested, long-legged tomboyish student named Alexis Rhodes, who just so happened to be not very far away.

SPIKE: Ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff RUFF!

ALEXIS: Huh? What is...ACK! Oof!

Alexis was knocked on her back, looking up in awe at the mastiff, whose tongue was out and panting, slobber dropping from it onto the girl below him. She smiled a nervous smile up at him.


She wiggled her fingers in a wave to the dog, who smiled down at her. Before she knew it, Spike's wet tongue had pressed down on her cheek and lifted it upward in a great big slurp. She blinked a couple times in shock, then broke out into a gleeful grin.

ALEXIS: Hahahahahaha! Well, that's one way to give a friendly greeting! Kinda slobbery, but enjoyable!

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