Spike was exploring a new town when his nose caught a whiff of something incredible. It was the intoxicating smell of a particularly pretty teenage girl, and it got Spike's jowls drooling even more heavily than usual. Sticking his nose to the ground, Spike sniffed and sniffed as he followed the scent.

Ami Kawashima, teenage model, was sitting on a bench when she suddenly heard panting. She looked to her side and saw a large mastiff standing there, tail wagging and tongue panting, slobber dripping from it continuously. Ami couldn't help but jerk backward, a disgusted look on her face.

AMI: Yuck! Watch where you're breathing!

Right after she said this however, Spike gave the pretty blue haired girl a full-face lick, covering the entirety of her face and leaving it soaked in drool once he slurped it off.

AMI: Aw, gross! Look what you did to my face! *trying to wipe off slobber*

Spike didn't think anything of it. She was still beautiful! So, Spike gave her yet another big, sloppy lick to her already drenched face.

AMI: Blech!  Quit it, mutt!

But, Spike was not swayed by Ami's attitude - he had dealt with lots of sassy girls before and he knew there was only one way to get them to warm up to him: slobbering all over their faces, which he proceeded to continue to do to her. As anticipated, a smile soon began to tug at her lips.

AMI: Gah! Stahahahahahahahahahap! That's strarting to tihihihihihihihickle!

Spike was liking what he was hearing, and instead kept at it, smothering her face with his huge tongue.

AMI: Hahahahahahahahahaha! Cuhuhuhut it out!

Spike's plan was working, and continued to slobber all over Ami's beautiful face, with the girl twisting and turning to avoid the dog's relentless tongue but to no avail.

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