Spike is in his kennel room when he hears footsteps, then a voice.

DAWN: Hello?  Is anyone here?  It's raining outside and I need shelter!

Spike's eyes widen when a human comes into view. It's a lovely young girl with blue hair, a white hat, a black overshirt, white undershirt, and short pink skirt. Her name is Dawn, a Pokemon Coordinator from the Sinnoh region. When she saw the dog looking at her, she looked back in curiousity.

DAWN: Uh...hi! You live here? I'm Dawn.

She winks and waves at Spike, who barks happily at her before knocking her to the ground.  Dawn is taken by complete surprise as she feels the dog's tongue, oozing slobber, press down on her pale, delicate cheek and lift it up slowly, drenching it in wet dog drool.

DAWN: Oh my gosh! This feels so...amazing!

Dawn puts a hand to her cheek and grins as she says this.  Spike, happy to hear it, licks her other cheek.

DAWN: Hahahahaha! Easy, boy!

SLURP! Spike gave her a big lick from her chin to her forehead. She broke out into a fit of laughter.

DAWN: Eeeheeheeheeheehahahahaha!  Wow, that is so wet! I love it!

SPIKE: Woof woof!

Spike licked her across the shoulders, drenching them and the top of her chest with slobber. Dawn's girly laughter got slightly louder.  She pushed the dog away lightly and sat up, smiling widely.

DAWN: Oh! Do you like poffins, boy?

Spike had honestly never tried these before, so he wouldn't know.  Smiling at the dog's obvious curiosity, Dawn took a poffin out of her backpack and held it out to Spike.

DAWN: Here ya go!

The big mastiff gulps it down right out of her hand, followed by him licking his lips with satisfaction.

DAWN: Good boy! Ha ha!

This earned her a pouncing to the ground and a slobbering on the face.

DAWN: Woah, boy, woah! Ahahahahahahahaaa!

Spike really enjoyed this new pretty girl's taste, and began licking her all down her skinny legs, tickling her.


Spike was REALLY enjoying this girl's taste!  He bit off her shoes and started to slurp at her bare feet, going down from her heels to between her rapidly wiggling toes. Dawn was laughing so hard she was crying.


Lifting his head back up, Spike slurped Dawn's entire pretty face in one lick. This made her giggle as she wrapped her arms around the big dog standing over her.

DAWN: I'm not used to so much slobber! Hee hee! But I like it! You're a lot of fun!

SPIKE: Woof! Woof wood! (Panting)

They both smiled at each other for a while, before Spike let her up.

DAWN: If I have to spend the night here, I'm glad to have company like you!

Spike was so touched by this, he gave her cheek yet another sloppy kiss.