Sinbad was visiting the Battle Frontier and had left his large dog Spike to his own devices. The mastiff wandered around the facility until he entered the Battle Arena, where there was only one (particularly good-smelling) person there: Greta, the teenage martial arts champion and Frontier Brain of this arena. Spike watched her practice her martial arts moves in enthrallment before finally making his presence known with a few booming barks.


Greta was in mid air-kick when she heard the barking, which startled her so much that she fumbled the move and fell to the ground on her back...the ideal opportunity for Spike!

GRETA: Uh oh!

Greta tried holding her hands out in front of Spike to try and stop him, but failed, as he then began licking her face, covering it completely in dog slobber.

GRETA: Tehahahahahahahahahahahaha! Hey! Cut that out! That tickles!

Spike was already captivated by her Frontier flavor, and only kept going with his slobbery assault.

GRETA: Ahahahahahahahahahaha! Seriously! Stohohohohohop!

Spike then noticed that Greta's face was turning red from laughing so much, and proceeded to back off momentarily, as she began to catch her breath.

GRETA: *breathing heavily* That was something...

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