It was a autumn day and Haruhi was hanging out around town, the club meeting was already over and she was thinking of new ideas for the ragtag club. She wanted something fun to happen, something different, this is what she has wanted her entire highschool life and little did she know something would be today. Spike was around the town smelling the various scents in the town that Haruhi lived in.

HARUHI: God! There is nothing strange here! I want strange and difference…

Spike was walking around and saw Haruhi walking by but shrugged it off until he smelled her after she passed. Finding her scent to be delightful, he started to bark loudly but by now she was a ways ahead in the bustling town. Spike started to run after her, slipping his way through the crowd and following her scent.

Haruhi was now stopped sitting at a small cafe outside of it at a small table as she sighed. "It's so boring...” was all she muttered before she heard a sudden loud barking boom throughout the area. Spike was sprinting around the area his tongue hanging out and it was a quiet abandoned area of town the places were closed, and it was the later half of the evening. Spike suddenly charged at Haruhi before she could register where the barking was coming from and knocked her down before slamming his pink towel of a tongue down onto her cheek, slobber splattered everywhere on her face as he slowly dragged his tongue up. His tail was wagging fast as he licked her face.

HARUHI: Huh? *She blinks her eyes then starts to laugh smirking* Well.. I did ask for something strange!

Spike as she said this suddenly licked her right across her lips and barked before he started to lick her cheek again dragging it up with his tongue again and again as slobber drenched her face in waves. As she moved her face to the side to take a breath Spike didn’t wait and slammed his tongue onto her neck and started to lick it repeatedly slobber covering her entire face and neck as he didn’t stop licking. Haruhi couldn’t help but close her eyes and smile as she laughed loudly but enjoyed the feeling of the warm damp tongue going all over her face and neck as her face was also drenched in slobber. She smiled and just laughed taking it which Spike did not mind on any level finding her to be the tastiest girl he had encountered in a long time.

Haruhi started to sit up now in a pool of slobber and didn’t bother opening her eyes and suddenly Spike noticed her shirt was pulled up seeing her cute stomach and instantly started to lick her bare midriff making her laugh. She laughed into hysterics as she was licked all over her stomach by a pink warm tongue. Spike kept slurping her midriff, her belly button and stomach covered with a layer of dripping slobber. She started to kick her feet up and down in protest giggling loudly.

HARUHI: Oh my God, Spike! It feels so nihihihihice!

Spike now decided to speed up his licking which was now just spreading the saliva around her drenched midriff but he loved the taste and kept licking it anyways. Her entire upper body was coated in slobber and she glistened under the moonlight as the mastiff still licked away at her. Haruhi laughed and wiped her eyelids getting the slobber off of them as she sat up. When she sat up Spike noticed and instantly jumped into her his paws resting on her shoulders as he starts to slurp away at her tasty skin. He kept up his slobber assault loving the taste. He smiled and noticed she was sitting there letting him as she sat back. He then decided as he smirked to slurp away at her neck side to side slowly slurping his tongue along it. Haruhi giggled laughed unable to stay quiet and was laughing the entire time he licked her neck. Haruhi kept laughing at the feeling of the slobber being sloshed around on her neck with each lick growing accustomed to the feeling of his tongue.

Suddenly Haruhi saw the time and wobbled up covered in slobber.

HARUHI: Sorry, Spike, I have to go home for now. I promise to see you again and to even show you more cute girls! (Winks)

Spike licked her cheek at hearing this then she smiled and stumbled off laughing, a trail of the slobber followed her footsteps as she left.

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