When Hinata Hino heard about the kennel, her reaction was pure excitement. Being raised by a dog handler, Hinata was an expert with dogs and had a deep love and admiration for them. Choosing to visit the one named Spike, Hinata stepped through the doorway...and was immediately tackled by a big mastiff who had smelled her coming down the hall, as her scent was very strong to dogs. Sticking his oozing wet tongue out, Spike slowly licked up the side of Hinata's face.

HINATA: Hehehe! Well hello to you too, boy!

Spike though that this girl's voice was the cutest thing, so he couldn't help but treat her face to another big old lick.

HINATA: Hahahahahaha! Ok, cut that out! That tickles!

Spike was liking her taste and laughter, so he just continued without her permission.  Being an avid dog lover, Hinata didn't really mind and just continued to laugh with each lick Spike gave her.

HINATA: Hahahahahahahaheeheeheeheehee! Good boy!

Hinata wrapped her arms around Spike and ruffled his fur fondly. In Return, Spike gave her several love and saliva filled licks in return.

HINATA: Hehehehehehe! Hahahaha! It's a good thing I love dogs. So, you're name is Spike, right? Great name!

Spike replied to this complement by giving Hinata's pretty face a big slurp, his huge tongue covering nearly all of it as he slurped it up.

HINATA: Tehahahahahahahaha! Wow! Felt like someone put a towel over my face!

Spike followed this up with another nearly-face-covering lick!

HINATA: Hahahahahahahaha! keep it up, boy! I can take it!

Spike was hoping she'd say that, so he proceeded to give her another round of licks with his towel of a tongue.

HINATA: Tehahahahahahahahaha! This is so much fun!

Spike was also hoping she'd say that, and intensified his licking, making the licks twice as forceful and slobbery.

HINATA: Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Woahohohoho!

Spike then decided to try something different. He noticed that Hinata's midriff was exposed, so he began licking it as much as he did to her face.


It didn't take long for Spike to slobber all over Hinata's midriff, as it was fairly thin and his tongue was massive.


Spike had been expecting for Hinata to say that. And to make it tickle her even more, he picked up the pace with his licking.


After a while, Spike complied with Hinata's wishes, leaving the tan-skinned girl to catch her breath.

HINATA: Heheheheh...Wow...Thanks, pal. I thought I was gonna pass out.

Spike quickly responded by giving Hinata's well-soaked face a quick barrage of licks.

HINATA: Hahahahahahahaha! Alright, I love you too!

With that being said, Hinata leaned closer to Spike and gave him a hug. Spike responded to Hinata's affection with some affection of his own. He panted for a minute first and then began giving her face another round of licks.

HINATA: Tehahahahahahahahahaha! You silly dohohohog!

This teased Spike into licking her even faster and with more force.

HINATA: Ahhhahahahahahaha!!! Spike, Stop it! That tihihihihihihickles!!!

But Spike couldn't resist hearing her adorable laughter, and continued giving her the same big licks over and over.

HINATA: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Spihihihihike! Stohohohohohop!

Spike still wasn't stopping, and just continued his slobbery onslaught further, with Hinata laughing her head off. From there, Spike proceeded to put his paws on her shoulders and pinned her to the ground, with Hinata letting out an "Oof!" as she fell down.

HINATA: Heheheh...uh-oh...

Hinata smiled nervously, knowing what was about to come next. Spike grinned at Hinata before engulfing her face in his giant tongue repeatedly.

HINATA: Ahahahahahaha!! Oh!! Hehehehe!!! I love you too, Spike!