Sinbad smirked, laying his final hand of cards down before him.

SINBAD: It's over, Mai! I win!

The gorgeous blonde woman at the other table gasped in shock.

MAI: No! This can't be! I can't have lost!

SINBAD: Well, you did! And now you have to pay the price!

Mai gulped, knowing she'd have to fork over one of her best cards to Sinbad as the cost of her defeat. But then she composed herself and flashed the pirate a sensual smile, hoping to use her feminine charms to her advantage.

MAI: You sure you don't want me to pay in some...other way?

Sinbad paused, a hand to his chin as if thinking hard about it.

SINBAD: Sure, Mai! That's fine by me! (Whistles) Oh, Spike!

MAI: Wait...Spike? Who...?

And then Mai screamed in horror when a huge mastiff with salivating jowls lumbered over to where they were. Sinbad patted him on the head and then walked away, calling behind him.

SINBAD: She's all your's, boy!


Spike jumped up at the table, his large thick paws wrapping around Mai's shoulders as he shot his head up and slapped his drooling tongue on her cheek, tail wagging as he gave it a great big lick. Her face scowled into a grimace of disgust as she pushed him away and wiped the drool off.

MAI: Ugh! And I'd just applied makeup!

And this makeup was part of what made her so tasty, in Spike's opinion, but he was almost certain that she'd taste even better underneath! So he immediately began licking her face repeatedly, his slobber washing off all the makeup. Eventually, he pinned her down to keep her from struggling.

MAI: Blech! Eww! Get offa me!

But instead, Spike licked her from midriff to chest repeatedly.

MAI: Eep! Bad dog! Back off! Noooooooooooo!

Spike eventually stopped, only to slurp his tongue across Mai's sexy bare legs instead!

MAI: No! Gross! Leave me alone!

Once Spike's tongue made it up to Mai's midriff, he began licking it fervently. She turned scarlet as she giggled lightly.

MAI: Oheheheheheheheheheh! That tickles!

Spike gave Mai one last slurping lick from her chin to her forehead before backing off. She then hurriedly wiped all the slobber off, unable to help smiling as she did.

MAI: Heheheh...all right, I had that coming, and I admit, you got me good.

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