Marle Thumbs Up
Marle, tomboy princess extraordinaire, was trying out a new activity. She climbs a tree and then jumps from treetop to treetop, honing her athletic skills in doing so. But she makes a jump too far, and just barely manages to grab hold of a tree branch! Now the teenage blonde is hanging from the branch, legs kicking in the air as she struggles to find some footing and not fall to the ground.

MARLE: Aw, man! How can this get any worse?

SPIKE: Woof woof!

Marle's eyes widen as she hears barking. Spike, a large mastiff dog who was in the area, had smelled the girl and come running to where she was. Seeing her dangling above him, the excited dog started jumping up and down as he ran in a circle below her, biting at the air in a playful manner.

SPIKE: Woof woof woof! Woof woof woof woof woof!

MARLE: (Waving her hand) Shoo! Bad dog! Go away!

But Marle getting distracted costs her, and her hand slips from the branch.

MARLE: Aaaaaaaaaaah!

She falls to the ground, landing flat on her back. Spike pins her to the ground, his paws on her shoulders, and he immediately unleashes his pink, wet tongue on her delicate cheek, lifting it up high.

MARLE: Pffffft...hahahahahahahaha!  Woah there, boy!

Spike really enjoyed this girl's incredible taste, so he kept up his affection onslaughter.

MARLE: Hahahahahaheeheeheehee! N-nice to meet you too!

Spike stopped to get a glance at his beautiful new friend.  Marle smiled and winked at him.

MARLE: Hi! I'm Marle.

Spike barked a hello back to her, prompting her to give him a little wave.

MARLE: (Reading his tag) Spike! What a nice name for a nice dog!

Happy at the compliment, Spike licked Marle's whole face from chin to forehead.

MARLE: Over-affectionate, huh, boy? Heeheeheehee!

Spike nodded before slurping at Marle's bare, pale shoulders.

MARLE: Heeheehahahahahahaha! That's nice!

The big dog's big tongue made it's way over to the top of Marle's chest, lapping at her skin eagerly.

MARLE: Hahahahahaheeheeheehee! Good boy!

Spike then traveled down her legs, slathering them in drool.

MARLE: Weeheeheeheehee! It tihihihihihickles!

Spike bit her boots off, and had his way with her bare feet, making her toes wiggle as she howled with laughter.

MARLE: Bwahahahahahahahahahaha! Take it easy, Spike!

Marle turned around on her frontside, which only prompted Spike to start licking her exposed back.

MARLE: Heeheeheehahahahahahahahahaha!

Finally, after getting the princess sufficiently slobbered, Spike stopped and allowed her to get to her feet. She was soaked from head to toe, giggling like crazy as she put a hand to her cheek.

MARLE: Such an awesome dog!

Spike grinned happily at this pretty girl, who winked and gave him a goodbye wave as he headed off.

MARLE: I'll be sure to find you again someday! You can bet on it!