Quiet as a mouse, Reina slipped into the Chimera’s file storage chamber and began searching through documents until she finally came across a large selection of treasure maps.  Grabbing several of them, she started to exit when Sinbad the pirate stepped into the doorframe and pointed a sword right at her.

SINBAD: Freeze, missy!  And drop the maps!

Her hands full, Reina had no choice but to comply.

REINA: Well played, my captain. But perhaps I can offer you something..extra nice for those maps?

SINBAD: A generous offer, beautiful, but I’ll have to get back to you on it. Till I’m ready, why don’t you relax in the brig?

On that note, Sinbad pulled a level on the wall that opened a trap door below Reina’s feet. Her red gown flew up a little as she fell in.

REINA: Whaa..!

Reina slid through the passage which deposited her into the holding cell below. A minute later, she heard the captain’s voice informing his best friend of the news.

SINBAD: Yo, Spike! Y’got a visitor!  Why don’t y’welcome her to the Chimera!

SPIKE: Woof!

REINA: What the..? Spike? Who’s Spike?

Lots of scuttling footfalls could be heard above as Spike hopped into the same trap door Reina fell through moments ago. Reina then saw a large, muscular bull mastiff enter the cell with her. The strong dog looked at the sexy villainess in red and starting panting up a storm as his mouth began to drool profusely.

REINA:  Ohhhh boy… doggy? Be a good boy and sit tight right there, okay?

Instead, Spike ran full speed at Reina and tackled her down with his impressive strength. 

REINA: Aaaahh! Hey! What are you..!

Reina’s complaining was cut off as Spike gave her right cheek a huge lick. 

REINA: Ugha, gross!

Spike on the other hand, thought Reina tasted wonderful and gave her another sloppy lick.

REINA: Yick! I’ve been dog-slobbered!

Panting with excitement for a few seconds, Spike licked up the center of Reina’s face several more times as more slobber poured onto the beautiful thief. Reina cringed and grunted as Spike’s tongue stroked her lips and nose preventing her from talking coherently. When Spike finally took a rest, Reina spat slightly as she looked at herself in disgust. 

REINA: Pfft!  Ugh you’re getting drool everywhere!  Especially on me, Eww!

SPIKE: Woof!

The muscular mastiff stepped back and started sniffing Reina’s chest, hips, and legs, taking in the combined scents of skin and satin. Reina looked a little confused at Spike’s curious actions until his great big tongue flopped back out.

REINA: Oh. Wait. No!

With a loud, slobbery *SLURRP*, Spike licked up the center of her dress, leaving a trail of sloppy wet drool along her lap and bodice. 

REINA: Eeww! My dress!

As Reina lamented the condition of her gown, Spike licked it again up the middle, then hopped to her left side and happily slurped her hip and rib area. She started to laugh as Spikes tongue slid along the smooth red satin.

REINA: Hehehe! Hey, that tickles!

SPIKE: Woof!

Sensing that the sly criminal was starting to warm up a little, Spike continued to lick her side.

REINA: Hahaha. Sto-ho-ho-ho-p it, Sp-i-i-ke!

Spike paused briefly as Reina stood back up.  Then, seeing her long, thick, sexy legs through her slit, he started drooling profusely.  He moved in and licked her right leg on the shin and knee.

REINA: Hehehehe!  Maybe I should have stayed where I was!

Turning his head, Spike licked the left side of her skirt, then started slurping behind her left thigh and knee repeatedly as Reina squeezed her thighs together and stuffed her hands between them trying to suppress her tickled laughter.


Reina knelt down and started playfully scratching Spike behind his ears. Spike then moved into close contact with Reina and ran his tongue up and down her left cheek.

REINA: Hehehehehe! Okay Spike, you’re a good dog!  A messy dog, but a good dog.

Spike was happy to hear this, and planted his paws onto Reina's shoulders and licked away at her face.

REINA: Hahahahahahahaha! I love you too!

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