Tayuya Angry
Sinbad the pirate is clashing blades with Tayuya the ninja in a deep, forested area. Tayuya is a teenage girl with unkept red hair and a dusty uniform. A tomboy through and through, Tayuya was also a notorious potty-mouth, and was cursing Sinbad for getting the better of her.

TAYUYA: God damn it! This shouldn't be happening! I'm a fucking ninja, I don't lose to shitty-ass pirates! Why can't you just fucking die!?

SINBAD: Sorry, I'm afraid I can't accommodate you there. But if you like, I could make it so that you don't have to lose to me!

TAYUYA: The fuck? You mean you're actually gonna throw this battle?

Sinbad smirks and shakes his head as he puts his sword down.

SINBAD: Not exactly. More like I'm tagging in a new opponent for you! HEY, SPIKE!

Tayuya gasped as a huge mastiff dog lumbered onto the scene, drool flying from his panting tongue.

SINBAD: Look, Spike! I got you a cute ninja friend! 

TAYUYA: NO! Y-you jackass!

Spike drooled happily at this girl on sight. Tayuya raised her arms defensively.

TAYUYA: Stay back! I'm warning you!

But Spike knew no threat from this girl, so he ignored her, and went straight in for the wet, slobbery, fun!  Tayuya screamed as the dog tackled her to the ground, his tongue attacking all corners of her face.

TAYUYA: Aaaah! No! You fucking stupid mongrel! Get off!

But Spike didn't follow orders from foulmouths, so he disobeyed, as Sinbad walked off, leaving his ninja nemesis alone with the large dog.

TAYUYA: Sinbad, come back!  You can't leave me like this, you shithead!

SINBAD: I'm sorry, I can't hear you!

Tayuya attempted to yell back, but Spike stopped her with a sloppy lick on the mouth.

TAYUYA: Patooie! Knock that off, shitpile!

Spike then starts licking her below the chin, slobbering all over her neck.

TAYUYA: How many damn times do I have to tell you, pissbrain?! Knock that the shit off!

Naturally, Spike's response was to bite off a large chunk of Tayuya's shirt and begin licking at her exposed midriff.

TAYUYA: (Smile forming) As soon as it starts tickling, you'd better move your ass, or I will severely hurt you!

Not buying it, Spike licked Tayuya's midriff even slower, tickling her greatly.


Spike's tongue moves down her legs next.


Then Spike licks the ninja girl's bare feet, making sure to slurp each toe.


The slobbering tongue moved even slower up both soles, increasing the ticklishness.


Satisfied for the moment, Spike stopped and licked his lips happily. Tatuya breathed in like no tomorrow and glared.

TATUYA: You really fucking know how to piss a girl like me off!

Spike just grinned at Tayuya, tongue lolling out as he panted in her face. This was enough to make the girl break out into an oversized smile and start laughing as she put a hand on Spike's furry head.

TAYUYA: OK, OK, maybe I kinda sorta liked it a little! Heh!

This earned her another sloppy kiss from Spike.

TAYUYA: Hahahaha!  Yeah, yeah, and I like you too!

This was clearly showing the beginning of a good friendship.

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