Zoey, a very tomboyish Pokemon Coordinator, enters the kennel and signs on to visit Spike's room. Her best friend, the super-girly Dawn, had told her all about the slobbering mastiff she had befriended, and Zoey was curious to see him for herself.  She enters the room and cups her hands to her mouth as she calls out.

ZOEY: Spike? Hello?

She was answered by a loud bark, a pounce to the ground, and possibly the biggest lick over her whole face. She was so shocked she couldn't help but laugh.

ZOEY: Wohohohow! Dawn wasn't kidding!

Spike sniffed Zoey over and could smell Dawn's scent on her. This got him so excited he started his treatment immediately, his drooling tongue lifting the redhead's cheek up repeatedly as she laughed.

ZOEY: Heeheeheehahahahahahahaha! OK, OK! Take it easy, big boy!

She tried pushing the dog off her, but he only began soaking her hands with slobbery kisses.

ZOEY: Hahahahaha! Oh, fine, go ahead and drench me!

She didn't have to say this twice, as Spike went straight to work, making her twitch and giggle even more.

ZOEY: Heeheeheeheehahahahahahaha! Boy, you sure love girls!

At this remark, Spike nodded vigorously before planting another lick over Zoey's entire face.

ZOEY: Hahahahahahahaha! That's why girls love you back!

Spike's tongue pressed down on Zoey's cheek and lifted it up slower, a stream of slobber being left in it's wake.

ZOEY: It feels amazing!

The happy dog then began licking Zoey under her chin rapidly and sloppily.

ZOEY: Man, I love this! Ha ha! It's magnificent!

Spike then licked Zoey from her shirt all the way up to her forehead, drool flying everywhere.

ZOEY: Heeheeheehahahahahahaha! What a mess!

Zoey then had to leave, but not before winking and flashing the peace sign at her canine friend.

ZOEY: See ya, boy! I promise I'll bring Dawn with me next time! Sound good?

Spike gave a happy bark at this plan.