A particularly cheerful Iris walked into Pluto's room at the kennel one afternoon. Putting her fingers in her mouth, she gave a loud whistle, stamping her foot on the ground as she did, hoping to get the dog's attention. It worked, and he came bounding over.

IRIS: Hey, Pluto! Hey, boy! Over here!

Pluto skidded to a halt in front of Iris, giving her cheek a big slobbery lick as he did, lifting the skin on her cheek up and forcing her eye shut as he dragged his tongue up her face before eventually slurping it off in a spray of drool and knocking Iris back a few steps.

IRIS: Hahaha! Aw, Pluto!

Iris patted the dog on the head fondly, kneeling down on his level.

IRIS: I got some new pretty friends for you to meet! You'd like that, wouldn't you?

PLUTO: Yeahyeahyeah! (Panting)

Iris smirked widely at the dog's enthusiasm.

IRIS: One of them is Georgia, a feisty redhead, and the other is her friend, Burgundy the connoisseuse! I've got their scents for you right here!

Iris pulled out a handkerchief that Burgundy had used before Iris had snatched it away and forcibly rubbed Georgia's face in it. She held it in front of Pluto's nose, which immediately did it's job.

IRIS: All right! Go get 'em, boy!

She didn't have to say this twice. Iris chuckled as Pluto went off and running. Burgundy and especially Georgia were her rivals, and she couldn't wait to see the looks on their slobber-drenched faces when Pluto was through with them! At the same time, they were also her friends (again, especially Georgia), so she knew they wouldn't begrudge her this playful kind of teasing for too long. She then ran off to follow Pluto.

Georgia and Burgundy were currently engaged in one of their frequent arguments.

GEORGIA: Say that again, I dare you! I dare you!

BURGUNDY: Oh, I'll gladly take that dare! I said-

But Burgundy was interrupted by loud, booming barks, making her jump back in alarm.

BURGUNDY: Zut alors! What is that!?

Georgia was also surprised, and turned around to see where the barks were coming from, finding nothing.

GEORGIA: I don't see anything anywhere...

No sooner had she said this did Pluto bound into view, running straight at the girls, his tongue raining slobber as it flopped out of his mouth.

GEORGIA: What the hey!?


Both Georgia and Burgundy broke into a run, comically stumbling along as they were pursued by the excited yellow dog. This chase went on for several minutes, with Pluto heading the girls off at every turn.  It finally ended when Burgundy jumped onto a high pole and out of the dog's reach, leaving Georgia behind to be tackled to the ground.


Pluto swung his tongue down on Georgia's pale cheek and gave it a slow, slobbery lick of affection. While Georgia's face showed a scowl of disgust, it twisted into a smile of joy as she laughed heartily.

GEORGIA: All right, all right, ya got me! But where did you come from, boy?

Iris strolled on over, arms behind her back and a teasing smile on her face.

IRIS: Oh, I might have given him your scent. He seems to like it too!

GEORGIA: I should've known you'd be behind this, Iris!

Pluto gave Georgia another sloppy lick, then did the same to Iris when she got close enough.

GEORGIA: Hahaha!

Iris's cheek was lifted up by Pluto's tongue, forcing her eye shut as she laughed along with Georgia. Pluto's tongue slurped off of her face in a spray of drool, making Iris back up a few steps as she kept laughing.

IRIS: Hey, Pluto! Don't forget her!

Iris pointed at Burgundy, still clinging to the pole high up in the air. Burgundy shook her head.

BURGUNDY: Non! Non! Stay back, you!

PLUTO: Woof woof!

Pluto began jumping up at Burgundy, attempting to bite down on her clothes and drag her down with him.

BURGUNDY: No! Shoo! Bad dog! Leave me alone!

Finally Pluto bit down on the seat of Burgundy's pants and pulled her to the ground!

BURGUNDY: Wooahh-oof!

The yellow dog pounced on the violet-haired girl and swung his massive tongue down on her chin and lifting it straight up her face, flying off her forehead with a rain of wet slobber. Burgundy's head was thrown backward in a spray of drool, the loud gasp that she let out in response from the lick not having time to finish as Pluto dove forward, planting his paws on her shoulders and making Burgundy land on the ground with an oof. She didn't even have time to squeal in disgust as Pluto's tongue swung down again, splatting down onto Burgundy's cheek and slowly dragging upward, lifting the skin up along with it as a trail of drool dripped down Burgundy's face. Burgundy was forced to close one of her eyes as the skin of her cheek kept rolling up in front of Pluto's tongue until eventually it slurped off in another shower of drool.

BURGUNDY: Beurk! Bave de chien!

Georgia knelt over, laughing uproariously at Burgundy. This, however, redirected Pluto's attention to her. Unlike Burgundy, Georgia was ready for a challenge and she flashed the dog a grin.

GEORGIA: Come at me, boy! Give it all you got!

Pluto was all too ready to take a challenge like that! Georgia didn't even have time to laugh as Pluto's tongue slapped onto her whole face, dragging up from her chin to her forehead before slurping off in a spray of drool, throwing Georgia's head backward. Pluto then planted his paws on her shoulders and slurped her cheek, his giant tongue lifting the skin up...before stopping. Pluto winked mischeviously at Iris as he pretended his tongue was stuck, keeping it pressed against Georgia's cheek and thus the skin there rolled up and one of her eyes shut. Iris winked back as she doubled over with laughter.

IRIS: Hahahahahahaha! Atta boy, Pluto!

GEORGIA: H-Heeey! Knock it off!

Pluto gave Georgia a wink now, keeping his tongue planted firmly on her cheek for another few seconds before slurping it off of her face in a spray of drool. As Georgia turned to face him she found her face enveloped by a massive pink tongue, Pluto pushing her to the ground before slurping it off of her forehead. As Georgia flailed and giggled Pluto continued licking her, every inch on her skin fair game as Pluto used his tongue like a squeegee, washing Georgia's face like it was a window. The redhead began kicking her legs as Pluto continued. Each swipe of Pluto's tongue lifted up Georgia's cheeks, Pluto's eyes closed and his tail wagging in joy as he kept licking, unable to get enough of Georgia's tasty face. That is, until he heard Iris whistle.

IRIS: Pluto, look!

Iris pointed out Burgundy, who was trying to sneak away while still wiping slobber off her face. Pluto barked at Burgundy and began running after her. He was having fun, and he wanted to make Burgundy have fun too!


With one shove from his paws, Pluto knocked Burgundy to the ground. Her face met with his tongue. Pluto's enormous tongue landed on Burgundy's cheek with a splat, slowly dragging up it and lifting her cheek up, closing her eye and actually tilting her head to the side before finally slurping off in a spray of drool. Pluto planted his paws on her shoulders before planting his tongue on her chin, slowly and sloppily dragging it up her face to her forehead before once again dragging it off in a spray of drool. Pluto then did it again, and again, and again, faster and faster, until his massive tongue was a blur that furiously slurped Burgundy's face, lifting her cheeks up again and again and enveloping her face in between as it dragged up to her forehead. Burgundy flailed around beneath the dog, laughing hysterically.


Pluto's giant tongue swung out and this time caught Burgundy under the chin. Pluto dragged his tongue so hard again her that Burgundy was actually lifted off the ground somewhat. Pluto then did it again, and again, and again, each time lifting Burgundy up more before she had time to fall. Each slurp knocked Burgundy's head back somewhat, until finally she was on her feet, Pluto's paws on her shoulders as he dragged his tongue up her chin again and again.


As much as she enjoyed watching Burgundy get slobbered over, Georgia decided to change the dog's target. She whistled to get his attention, a smirk on her face.

GEORGIA: We're glad we got to meet you too, mutt! You oughta thank Iris here for arranging this little meeting!

Iris jumped a little in surprise, then chuckled as Pluto turned in her direction.

IRIS: (Teasingly) Cheap shot, Georgia!

Iris didn't get time to say anything else before Pluto's giant tongue plastered itself onto her cheek with a loud, wet, SPLAT noise. Pluto winked at Georgia and Burgundy before dragging his tongue up Iris's cheek, lifting it up and tilting Iris's head to the side as one of her eyes was forced shut by Pluto's tongue. Iris laughed as Pluto's tongue slurped off of her cheek in a spray of drool, then continued as Pluto put his paws on her shoulders, his tongue working busily as it lifted up her cheeks again and again in a series of drool-filled licks. 

IRIS: Plutowoooooooooah!

Iris fell under the dog's weight to the ground, making Georgia and Burgundy laugh. Iris's fall didn't make Pluto pause for a second. His tongue kept slapping against her cheeks and lifting them up even as she lay on the floor,  her giggling sometimes muffled as Pluto licked her entire face from chin to forehead, smothering her in the folds of his tongue. Pluto's tail wagged energetically as he kept slobbering all over Iris, drool flying everywhere.

IRIS: Whohohohohohohohoh!

Pluto then plastered his tongue to Iris's face and began dragging it around, sliding it across her cheeks, chin, and face without lifting it up, dragging Iris's skin around along with it. Pluto whined in happiness as he dragged his tongue around Iris's face, glad to have such a willing playmate, who also brought him two friends to have fun with. Finally, Pluto dragged his tongue down to Iris's chin, then up her face to her forehead, dragging the skin there along with his tongue before finally slurping it off in a spray of saliva. From there he looked down at her, panting happily, his tail wagging as he looked down at her dripping face.

IRIS Good boy, Pluto! Haahaahaa!

Georgia and Burgundy stepped to both sides of Iris and each put a hand on her shoulders as they joined her in laughing. Their laughter soon turned to squeals as Pluto knocked them down too, leaving all three girls lined up with Pluto standing over them. His tongue lolled out and then swept down onto them, and the air was filled with wet slurping sounds and the sounds of giggling girls as Pluto licked their cheeks and slurped them from chin to forehead, drenching them all completely.

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