Max was on board a cruise ship and enjoying himself very much. Suddenly, he caught a whiff of a funny smell on the night wind. Sniff Sniff! SNIFF SNIFF! As Max sniffed in deeply, he recognized the boyish-smelling female scent as that of Tea Gardner, one of his favorite human friends! Excitedly, the big sheepdog pressed his nose to the ground and began taking in more deep sniffs, following the scent as it gradually grew stronger.  

Tea had stowed away aboard the ship and was hiding in a dark, solitary corner, shivering in the cold night air. When she heard a sudden booming bark, she gasped and threw a hand over her mouth.

TEA: Ulp! Uh-oh!

She quickly took cover behind a barrel to hide. After a while, Tea no longer heard anything. Thinking that the coast was clear, she let out a sigh of relief, which Max heard, giving away Tea's cover.


TEA:  Aah! Crap, I guess that was too loud!

Max then began moving to the source of the sigh, and eventually found Tea behind the barrel. This of course caused the dog to pant up a storm, and he wasted no time slamming his slobbery tongue against Tea's cheek. Tea flinched as she felt the tongue slowly drag across her skin and lift her cheek up before slurping off in a spray of drool.  Max immediately began to lick his lips, as the taste of Tea's skin was absolutely delicious! 

Upon re-opening her eyes and fully realizing that she was face to face with her sheepdog friend Max, a wide grin spread across Tea's face as she started laughing.

TEA: Tehehehehehahahahahahaha!  Hi there, boy!

The spirited tomboy lifted her hand and gave Max a friendly wave. Max of course, responded by giving the waving hand a big slurping lick!

TEA: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Easy there!

But Max wasn't paying attention, and he began doing the same thing to her face.

TEA: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! 

Tea managed to lightly push Max away, then inched closer to him, her face just meters from his as he panted at her, his warm breath blowing on her.

TEA: Bet you're thankful I stowed away on this ship, huh? I know I'm one of your favorite girls! Heh! (adopts a playfully deeper voice) Isn't that right, boy? Isn't that right?

She grabbed both sides of his face, and ruffled his fur affectionately. This was just asking for Max to respond with another sloppy lick, and sure enough, Tea soon found the skin on her cheek getting squashed back by the dog's drooling tongue and then lifted up slowly.

TEA: Tehahahahahahahahaha! I knew I was one of your favorites! Gooood boy!

As Tea continued ruffling Max's face, his tongue reached over to her hands and began slurping them, causing Tea to break out in laughter once more.

TEA: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! That tihihickles!

Max proceeded to tackle Tea to the floor and began slobbering all over her face like no tomorrow, drool being flung in several different directions. His giant, soft tongue slapped Tea's cheeks again and again, each one lifting her cheek up into her eye and soaking her cheeks and face in slobber as Tea giggled and kicked.

TEA: Pahahahahahaha! Oh, man! Oh, mahahahahahahan!

Each time she kicked her feet into the air, her shoes slowly began slipping off her feet, and soon flew off them. Max was quick to notice this, and began panting at the sight of her bare feet.

TEA: Hehehe...Uh-oh...I think I know what that means...

Max then lunged at her feet and began lathering his massive tongue all over them, slobber being flung in different directions. Tea shrieked with laughter, pounding her fists on the ground as Max slurped her soles and toes.


Max made sure every inch of her feet was covered in slobber, which wasn't too hard, considering how large his tongue was.

TEA: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Stohohohop! I can't breheheheathe!

Max withdrew his tongue, allowing Tea to breathe.

TEA: Hehehe...Thank you.....

After she was through taking in deep breaths, Tea sat up and began patting Max, a big smile on her wet face.

TEA: Such a good dog you are!

Max began panting happily at this complement, and treated her to a sloppy lick to her whole face.

TEA: Hahahahahahahaha! Thanks again!