"Well, well, if it isn't Gwen Tennyson!" sneered Charmcaster as her slightly younger, redheaded, do-gooder rival approached her on the battlefield once more - the battlefield in this case being a forest clearing a few miles away from the store the teenage supervillainess had robbed. "So, we gonna have one of our usual spelling contests?"

Gwen held a serious look on her face for some time - and then suddenly broke into a wide, mischievous grin. "Not this time, Charmcaster!" she said cheerfully, "Today I'm using my other biggest weapon against you!"

Charmcaster gazed at Gwen with a confused look on her face before Gwen turned around and stuck her fingers in her mouth, giving a loud whistle and calling out "MAX! SHE'S OVER HER, BOY! COME AND GET HER!"

Max came charging directly at Charmcaster from behind a tree. Ever since they first met, Gwen had Max slobber all over Charmcaster whenever she had the chance, since Max adored Charmcaster and Charmcaster was very easily flustered and humiliated by Max's over-affectionate treatment.

Charmcaster, of course, reacted to Max's arrival in her usual way.

"NO!!!" she cried, turning on her heel and sprinting away at the fastest speed she could muster. Max was hoping for a chase, so he immediately followed after Charmcaster quickly, his giant pink pillow of a tongue hanging out of his mouth. Charmcaster on the other hand was still running from Max, until she got an idea in her head. She pulled out this special powder from her pocket that she through on the ground, making her disappear and reappear behind Max, running behind him as fast she could.

"Oh no ya don't!" said Gwen. "Come on, Max. She won't get away that easily!" So, Max began chasing after Charmcaster with Gwen following closely behind him. Gwen loved it when Charmcaster ran from them because she knew that she would sweat from running and that would allow her skin to taste even better to Max. In fact, Gwen was sweating hard too, which meant she would probably get the same treatment Charmcaster was about to receive. But she didn't mind because seeing her rival licked to death by Max was always hilarious to her that she couldn't pass up the opportunity - and Max licking her too afterward was probably a well-deserved bonus anyway.

When Max caught up to the fleeing teenage witch, he jumped right at her with his mouth opening wide, letting his tongue flop out too. There was a loud chomp, a yelp from Charmcaster, and a ripping noise as Max used his teeth to tear Charmcaster's right sleeve clean off. Charmcaster fell to the ground, her right arm now almost totally bare. When she looked up, she saw Max's face coming closer to her's. The dog's huge, thick tongue was out in full, panting heavily and oozing with thick streams of slobber. And before she knew it, that tongue was pressed firmly against the side of her face. Charmcaster groaned in defeat underneath Max's face, for him to repeat the same lick again and again. She tried pushing Max away from her, but this of course wasn't very effective. The pushing, in fact, caused Max to speed up his licking.

"Eeeyuck!" Charmcaster complained as the slobber from Max's tongue soaked her bare shoulder. Max then chomped down on and tore the sleeve from her other shoulder before applying the same lick on that, alternating between the two bare shoulders quickly. Soon he was back to licking her face, his tongue pressing against her cheek and dragging up it, leaving a thick, wet stream of slobber behind on her luscious tan skin. "Stop it, mutt!" complained Charmcaster. But, of course Max couldn't. Gwen knew this and encouraged him to keep at it. "No way, Max. Keep going!" and Max did just that. And, this time, he went right for the throat, licking it and slurping his tongue off the underside of Charmcaster's chin, tilting her head upward.

Max then bit into the middle of Charmcaster's coat and ripped it off, exposing her bare naval. Max wasted no time in licking it several times, roughly and wetly. "WAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Charmcaster laughed hysterically at the ticklish sensation she was now feeling, "NOHOHOHOHOHO! NOOOOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Gwen was guffawing at the sight of Charmcaster at the mercy of Max's tongue. So much that she was rolling around on the ground laughing. "AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Don't listen to her, Maxy! Kehehehehehep going!"

At Gwen's encouragement, Max chomped down on Charmcaster's pants, yanking them down to expose her long, bare legs. Max licked and smacked his lips as he looked upon them, making Charmcaster gasp in horror. Max then proceeded to give Charmcaster's long athletic legs several licks, which made her laugh even harder. "GAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ST-STOHOHOHOHOHOHOOOOOOP!"