Misty Sisters
DAISY: H-hey, like, wh-what gives!?

Daisy, Violet, and Lily, the three beautiful "Sensationl Sisters" of Cerulean Gym, wake up from their beach nap tied up to a large rocky wall.  Standing there smirking at them is their younger sister Misty , who they always like to tease.

MISTY: Oh, just a little something I call sibling rivalry! With a little "something" added in...hehe...

SISTERS: Like, what do you mean by that

MISTY: *smirking* Oh, you'll see...

The three teenagers immediately begin struggling to free themselves.

LILY: This is so not cool, Misty!

VIOLET: Yeah, let us go right now!

Misty chuckles. Turning around, she puts her fingers in her mouth and gives a loud whistle.  Barking is heard.

DAISY: (Gasp!) What is that?

MISTY: (smirking) Just a new friend I've made recently, and I think you should get better acquainted!

Max comes bounding on the scene.  The sisters scream, startled.  Misty gestures to them.

MISTY: Meet my sensational sisters, boy!  Their skin is all tanned and ready for you! Help yourself!

The sisters then began to scream at what they thought Max was gonna do to them. Max, panting in delight at the 3 beautiful ladies Misty had presented him with, runs up to them and jumps up, planting big, slobbery licks on all of their pretty faces.

ALL 3: (in unison) EEEEEWWWW! Misty, like, call this thing off, like, right NOW!

But Max, liking their taste, just began licking their cheeks even more while Misty laughed at the sight. Max then slurped their arms, followed by their midriffs, slobbering them all to no end.

VIOLET: Oh God, this is so gross!

LILY: Our bathing suits are, like, totally ruined!

Max stepped over to Violet and licked up her long, sexy legs. Misty's sisters, being avid swimmers like her, had strong, beautiful legs that Max was all too happy to spread his kisses upon. After a few licks to Violet's, he moved on to Daisy and slid his tongue across the backs of her knees and thighs.

DAISY: Heh...ehehehehehheh!  I-I dunno, girls, it's not all that bad!  Hee hee!


Max moved over to Lily to savor her stems, leaving a layer of slobber on her shins that slowly slid down to her ankles, tickling them.

LILY: Daisy, like, how could you POSSIBLY, like, say this isn't bad?!

Max, grateful for Daisy's words, trotted back over to her and licked her from chin to forehead, making her and Violet both laugh.

DAISY: Ahahaha!  He's, like, such a nice mutt!

VIOLET: Yeah, we love your drool! Keep it up!


Max was licking their bare feet now, as none of them were wearing shoes, making their toes wiggle like crazy. It didn't take long for Lily enjoy Max's excessive slobber.

LILY: Well, like, hahahaha, now that you mention it, as much as this, like, tickles, it feels pretty good!

VIOLET: Yeah, and like, this slobber is doing WONDERS for my skin! Heeheeheehee!

MISTY: See, sisters?  I've done you a favor here! Heh! Think you're up for more?

SISTERS: Yes please!

This was music to Max's ears. Therefore, he kicked into full throttle with his licking, to the point where there were puddles of slobber all over the ground! The Sisters, of course we laughing their heads of at the ticklishness.


MISTY: Wow Max, I'm impressed with your work! Keep going!

Max happily barked as a thanks.

Max had finally finished after what seemed like hours, and all 3 sisters were now soaked in dog-drool. Daisy catches her breath, and decides to let her sister in on the action, too.

DAISY: Like, come on, little sis! This should, like, be a real family moment, and last I checked, your, like, family!

Barking in agreement, Max knocks Misty to the ground directly under her tied-up sisters and then begins licking her like crazy, making Misty laugh.

MISTY: Hahahahahahaha!  W-we sure do have weird family moments!  Hee hee! 

Afterwards, when Misty was as slobbered all over as her sisters, they got out from the ropes and they all grabbed Misty in a group hug.

DAISY: Thanks, like, for the great time, Misty!

LILY: Like, totally! You rock, little sis!

VIOLET: Your, like, as sensational as the rest of us!

MISTY: Awww, you guys!

Max then jumps between all four of the sisters and licks each of their faces, making them all laugh in delight.

DAISY: Where did you, like, find this lovable thing?

MISTY: He found me, actually!  Let's go find out where he belongs.

DAISY: Oh, but wouldn't, like, that mean we'd probably never see him again?

MISTY: (smirking) Maybe not, sis....maybe not!