Tiger and Talbot, the large hunting dogs of Sir Ector's castle, were let loose to wander around in the forest one day and hone their hunting skills. Both dogs had their noses to the ground and were busily sniffing, taking in every scent that was in the area. Suddenly, they took a whiff of one particular scent and froze, staring at each other in surprise. What could possibly smell so good?

They began to sniff faster and harder, until finally they could pinpoint exactly where the source of this smell had gone off to. Jumping, barking, howling and salivating in excitement, Tiger and Talbot broke into a run as they followed the trail.

Aurora, barefoot and wearing her simple peasant dress, was out for one of her usual strolls in the forest. She was minding her own business, humming to herself and twirling around on occasion, when she heard a pair of loud, booming barks in the distance...and they were definitely getting closer to her location! The beautiful blonde teenager gasped in fright, knowing that it could only be the sound of two particularly large, particularly rough hunting dogs, and so she began to flee as fast as her bare feet could carry her, sweating profusely as she did!

When Tiger and Talbot smelled that their quarry was now on the move, they began to bark and pant even louder and harder than before! As hunting dogs, they got all the more excited when on a chase, and all the more determined to catch their target! They picked up speed, and soon they saw what they were chasing: a beautiful teenage girl with flowing blonde hair.

When Aurora turned around, she gave a sharp cry when she saw the hunting dogs, both of them were bigger than she was and had a hungry look on their faces, their tongues hanging out and their jowls salivating. "Oh! Oh, help!" Aurora cried, but to no avail as there was no-one else around for miles. She scrambled through some nearby bushes hoping to lose the dogs, but they still pursued her.

Eventually, Aurora found herself trapped against a rock face, with the barking of the dogs coming ever closer. Turning to face them, Aurora held her hands up to protect herself, only for the barking to subside. Confused, Aurora opened her eyes and looked at the dogs. Both Tiger and Talbot were standing there, their tails wagging happily as they grinned and panted at her excitedly.

Aurora stared at them in confusion, then giggled. "Hehehe...well, I've been silly! You two aren't dangerous at all, are you?" She was answered by a pair of booming barks as the two lunged at her, landing on her upper body as they knocked her back against the wall. Caught by surprise, Aurora let out a loud "Oof!"

Before she knew it, Aurora felt a wet sensation on her left cheek, followed quickly by another wet sensation on her right cheek. The dogs had both of their tongues on her face, and were licking it with agonizing slowness. Aurora closed one of her eyes shut, while the other was pressed shut forcefully by the slobbery tongue pressing her skin up against it. Aurora's lips were puckered and she couldn't help but cringe a little as she endured this rough, wet greeting. Once it was through, however, she let out a hearty laugh as she put a hand on one of her wet cheeks, all while Tiger and Talbot retracted their tongues back into their mouths and examined the girl's taste.

Both started wagging their tails, enjoying Aurora's taste as she wiped her cheeks, giggling. "Hehehehe...Wow, you're both even friendlier than I thought!"

Tiger and Talbot barked and jumped at Aurora again, and immediately the girl's face was covered by a pair of giant dog tongues, lifting her cheeks up and soaking her face in slobber once again as Tiger and Talbot whined in happiness, their back legs thumping around on the ground as they wagged their tails. Aurora couldn't even giggle because her face was being covered by their tongues. The only sounds were Tiger and Talbot whining, and the soft smacking and slurping noises of the two hunting dogs licking Aurora's face.

Aurora twisted underneath the weight of the dogs and struggled to push them off her. Soon, she felt them recede...but only because they had turned their attention to her bare feet. "OH!" Aurora cried out as the dogs' tongues began to swipe across her soles and toes, and soon she fell into a spasm of hysterical laughter, slapping at the ground and wiggling her toes like crazy.

Both dogs wagged their tails at making Aurora laugh, but then changed targets, heading back at her face. Aurora's laughter was suddenly cut off as Tiger's tongue slapped onto her face, slowly dragging from chin to forehead. It was immediately followed by Talbot's tongue that did the same thing, and both dogs continued to lick Aurora's face from chin to hairline, one after the other, as she continued to giggle and kick under their tongues.

Eventually, Tiger and Talbot backed off leaving the lovely princess laughing her head off. Once she finished laughing, she wiped the slobber off her face and said "My, my, you two are such big sweethearts, aren't you?" The two hunting dogs nodded and barked in unison, their tongues hanging out of their mouths and spraying saliva all over the place. "And, you must be very talented hunters to have smelled me from such a distance and chased me all the way here." she said with a playful smirk. "So would you like to hunt me down again?" Aurora asked the two big loveable hunting dogs. Their answer was simple, Tiger dragged his tongue up her left cheek while Talbot did the same thing to her right cheek. "OK! OK!" said a laughing Aurora. "Come and get me!"

With that she jumped up and took off running. Tiger and Talbot gave one another sly looks, giving Aurora a ten-second headstart before they charged after her, barking up a storm. Aurora was quick and knew the forest pretty well, but Tiger and Talbot were faster, and had their noses. Soon Aurora had almost reached a nearby stream, but before crossing it she turned to see if the dogs were still following her.

They were! Both dogs hopped off of a rocky outcropping and landed on her, and the three went sprawling in the river. Once again Aurora's vision was made up entirely of dog tongues.

"Kyahahahahaha!! Oh my, I'm getting so wet by both you two and the river. But, I love it!"

And they both loved Aurora's taste! So, they continue to pound their massive tongues onto both of Aurora's cheeks, taking in her royal flavor.

"Hahahahahahahahahaha! Guess you two want to make things even wetter!"

Indeed, they did! And they were ready to take the wetness to the max, so they tackled the princess down and kept her pinned in the water while their two giant pink tongues hammered her face again and again. Aurora kicked and squealed as her cheeks were lifted up by the pair's tongues, their size nearly covering her face as she was pushed through the water and back to shore, dripping wet with both water and dog slobber.

Eventually the three of them wound back up on shore, Aurora lying limply on the grass as Tiger and Talbot continued to stand over her, the dogs' wet tongues making her face even wetter as their tongues lifted her cheeks up and pushed her eyes shut.

"Hehehehe! This feels even wetter than the being in the river!"

The two giant dogs barked happily, then proceeded to speed up their licking, soaking her further in their slobber. Aurora good-naturally smirked and shut her eyes, enduring each lick with amusement. The dogs decided to give her a near life-long licking, slobber being flung all over the place as they wiped their big tongues all over Aurora's petite body.

"Tehahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Ahahahahahahahahaha!"

By the time Tiger and Talbot were through, Aurora had laughed herself into unconsciousness.  Smiling and panting as they looked over the sleeping beauty, each dog gave her cheek one final lick before bounding off to resume their hunting, hoping to get the chance to hunt down Aurora some other day.

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