Toby was sniffing across the ground of the Orre desert, hoping to track down and capture some of the many criminals that populated the region. After a while, a blend of two exceptionally good scents entered his nose, making the giant dog halt in surprise. Sniff sniff SNIFF! He knew both of these scents - it was Rui and Lovrina!

Tail wagging and feet stomping, Toby gave a howl and then began barking like crazy as he thundered across the plains, following the smells of the girls straight to them. Rui had just defeated Lovrina in a Pokemon battle, and Lovrina took the opportunity to tempt fate.

LOVRINA: Oooooh! It so can't get any worse than this!

And at that moment, both girls heard Toby's barking coming their way.


RUI: Huh? Wait, is that...Toby?

LOVRINA: ...Y-yep...

Toby bounded straight toward the girls, his enormous tongue flopping through the air and raining saliva as it hung out of his mouth. The giant pink towel pressed down hard against Lovrina, running the entire length of her body as it swept across her, slurping off with a smack! before immediately repeating the motion on Rui's body. Lovrina was cringing, but soon the frown on her face turned upside-down and she began laughing.

LOVRINA: Tehahahahahahahahahahaha! Alright, alright! I'm glad to see you too!

RUI: Hahahahahaha! So am I!

The two girls then proceeded to hug both sides of Toby's huge face. SHLUP! SHLORP! The dog's tongue shot out of his mouth once more and gave each girl a wet kiss.

RUI: Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Aw, shucks! We love ya, Toby!

Toby loved them too, and gave each of them big licks to their naval areas in rapid sucession.

RUI: Tehahahahahahahahahahaha! Wow, that tickles!

LOVRINA: You are so right! Bahahahahahahahahahahaha! Weeeee!

Toby's tongue swung horizontally across both girls, from Lovrina to Rui, and then from Rui to Lovrina. Each lick sent a new wave of slobber splashing onto the girls, soaking them down to the skin.

RUI: Hahahahahahahahaha! Wow! What a splash!

LOVRINA: Tehehehe! I so know, right? Hey, Toby! Wanna give us some more?

Toby was happy to do so, and gave both of them another big, slobber-coated lick to both of their slender bodies.

GIRLS: Tehahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Thanks, boy!

Toby then gave them a rougher lick, his tongue moving across their bodies even slower than before.

RUI: Hahahahahahahahahaha! Settle down there, boy!

LOVRINA: Yeah, can you please be a bit more gentle?

Toby refused to be gentle, and continued to give them rough, if not rougher licks.



Toby then kicked his licking up a notch, his tongue slapping the two bad girls about.

GIRLS: Tehahahahahahahahahahaha! Tohohohohohohoby!

Eventually, the two criminals were totally incapacitated by Toby's gargantuan tongue as it slurped up their petite bodies. Rui's spicy flavor complimented Lovrina's sweet flavor well, and Toby couldn't get enough of the taste.

RUI: Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Toby, you silly doggie!

LOVRINA: Hehehehehe! He so is one! Hahaha!

With the girls saying this, this drove Toby further into a frenzy, which caused Toby's licking to intensify.


It was at this point that Toby was basically throwing the girls around with his gargantuan tongue. As he continued to do this, the two bad girls eventually fell down, leaving them to become victims of Toby's tongue even more.

LOVRINA: Tehahahahahahahahahahahaha! Love you too, Toby!

RUI: Hehehehehe! Same here!

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