Toby was out in the woods one evening, sniffing the ground persistently in search of any scents that might prove useful to his owner Basil's latest case. He abruptly stopped when his giant nose caught a certain scent...the scent of a human girl, and one that smelled remarkably good!

TOBY: (Panting) WOOF!

Pressing his nose back onto the ground, Toby resumed sniffing, following the girl's scent as it grew stronger and stronger the closer he got to her. The girl in question was the lovely Alice Gehabich, who was lying down on the grass and star-gazing when she felt the earth beneath her shake, causing the pretty redhead to scramble to her quivering feet.

ALICE: Aaa-aaah! Wh-what is this, an earthquake!?

Then her jaw dropped in astonishment when a gigantic hound emerged from the forest, his massive tongue sticking out his mouth and lolling as he approached her.  Alice was frozen, unsure of what to do.  

And then...


To Alice's great surprise, she was lifted off the ground by the dog's tongue as it pressed against her, lifting the skin on her cheek upward as it swept up her body.  When she finally plopped back onto the ground, she was blushing and laughing at the same time, while Toby licked his chops at the girl's wonderful taste, which was just as good as her scent was to him.

ALICE: Well, hi there! Where did you come from?

Toby's head leaned down so that Alice could read his collar's tag.

ALICE: So you're Toby from the kennel...nice to meet you, boy! I'm Alice!

Alice extended a hand toward Toby. He responded how any friendly dog would: sniffing it lightly, and giving it a big slurp, soaking her whole arm in the process.

ALICE: Ah! Ahahahahahahahahahaha! Well, good to know you're such a big sweetheart!

Toby felt the same about Alice, and showed it with another lick across her body.

ALICE: D'ahahahahahahahahaw! Do you like me that much?

The giant hound nodded his head enthusiastically in response, making Alice blush.

ALICE: Well, the feeling's mutual!

The redheaded beauty hugged the side of Toby's face happily as the dog panted and wagged his tail. Alice nuzzled into his warm fur.

ALICE: Such a great dog!

When she stepped backward, she was immediately met with Toby's big slobbery tongue again. She plopped down onto the floor in a puddle of drool, not that she minded this at all.

ALICE: Weeheeheeheehahahahahahahaha! And such an affectionate one too!

Alice clasped her hands together, smiling and blushing as Toby continued to lick the side of her body, her cheek being lifted up by the motion of his tongue each time. Clearly, she was a girl that Toby just couldn't get enough of! And he was a dog she was going to have a lot of fun with from now on!

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