Anemone was hiding under a large drape of cloth, sweating all over and breathing heavily. The pretty pink-haired evildoer had heard the footsteps and howling of Toby the giant hound dog, and was now hoping to conceal herself from him. However, she soon heard loud snuffling sounds approaching her direction. SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF! SNIIIIIIFF!

ANEMONE: Oh God, he smells me!

Indeed he did, and as it was a particularly delightful smell, Toby was determined to find the girl it belonged to. When he pinpointed the cloth as the source, he began to pant very loudly and heavily, his hot breath even reaching Anemone underneath the drape. And then, in a great flash of teeth, Toby had ripped the drape away, exposing a sweaty, startled Anemone.


With one mighty slurp, Toby's tongue enveloped the Corallian girl's whole body, accompanied by a loud slurping sound as he swept his tongue up it. The dog shuddered in pleasure as he took in her taste, his tongue slowly moving up her body and leaving her drenched in slobber. Anemone's fear, which she had been faking and deliberately exaggerating for comedic effect, immediately vanished as she burst out laughing.

ANEMONE: Tehahahahahaha! OK, boy, you caught me!

Toby then proceeded to give her yet another big lick, which lifted her some feet off the ground.

ANEMONE: Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Tobyhyhyhy!

The giant dog loudly smacked his lips, then slid his tongue across them.

ANEMONE: I bet I taste really good, don't I?

She was right! Therefore, Toby then gave her yet another lick to her petite body.

ANEMONE: Hahahahahahahahaha! That's a clear answer!

Anemone smirked and winked as she pointed upward at Toby.

ANEMONE: All right, I'm gonna run and hide again!  Think you can keep up with my scent, boy?

Toby nodded vigorously, drops of slobber raining down onto Anemone.

ANEMONE: Hehehe! OK, boy! Close your eyes and I'll find some place to hide!

Toby barked in reply and covered his eyes with his big floppy ears. Anemone then rushed to find a good hiding spot. And once she did, she yelled to Toby.

ANEMONE: OK, Toby, come on and find me!

Toby then got his ears off his paws and began to pant rapidly. Toby began using his big nose to sniff around for the girl, taking in as much of her scent as possible with it.  With each deep sniff, the scent got stronger, a scent that smelled like salted strawberries.  Anemone listened to each sniff curiously until....

SPLAT!  The pink-haired girl gasped as she was struck from behind by the wetness of Toby's great tongue, lifting her up then plopping her back down.

ANEMONE: Daaahahahahahahaha! Toby!

Anemone turned to face the dog, who was smacking his lips in satisfaction. The Corallian threw a hand to her mouth as she laughed at this sight, glad to know that the dog found her so delicious. She reached up and patted Toby's nose, which prompted him to give her yet another lick, his tongue pressing down hard against her bare shoulders as it swept upward.

ANOMONE: Tehahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I love you too, boy!

This time, Toby allowed Anomone to pet her nose a bit longer. She enjoyed how big and soft it was, and began to hug it.

ANEMONE: Wow, your soft and big...

SNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFF! SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF! Toby couldn't help but smell Anemone over, loving each deep whiff of her Corallian skin that he took in.

ANEMONE: Tehehehehehe! Cut that out, boy!

Just then, Toby slid his huge tongue up the side of Anemone's face, soaking it in slobber.

ANEMONE: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Good boy, Toby!

Toby then began doing this to her whole body repeatedly, lifting her up a few feet into the air again and again as he did.

ANEMONE: Tehahahahahahaha! Weehehehehehehe!

Finally, Anemone landed on the ground in a slobbery puddle, her arms over her face as she laughed uproariously.


But the party wasn't over yet, as Toby continued to wipe his big tongue all over Anemone, more slobber being added to the puddle and across every inch of Anemone's pale, delicious Corallian flesh.


Toby couldn't though, she tasted so good! So, he continued to licking her tasty skin.

ANEMONE: Hahahahahahahahahaha! You bihihihihihig ol' rascal, you!

With Anemone saying that, Toby only sped up his licking, slobber being flung everywhere.

ANEMONE: Tehahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Oh Gohohohoohohohohohod!

As Toby kept this up, a large puddle of slobber began forming around Anemone as she was rolling around on the floor, laughing hysterically. Eventually, Anemone's shoes then flew off her feet, exposing her soft, pale soles to Toby, which he quickly began licking away at.


Anemone's toes wiggled and her legs kicked wildly as Toby's tongue swept across them, and tears began to stream down her cheeks as she continued laughing her pink-haired head off.

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