Burgundy had been assigned a connoseiuesse evaluation of a dog in the kennel, and so she signed in to see Toby. Stepping inside his spacious kennel room, she wandered around, calling out and whistling.

BURGUNDY: Tooooooby! Here, boy! I need to evaluate you!

Suddenly, the ground shook beneath the petite girl's feet. Looking up, she gasped and jumped backward in total shock, eyes bugging out.


The giant basset hound Toby stood above her, grinning and panting, drops of drool pouring from his tongue and plopping onto the ground in front of Burgundy

BURGUNDY: Eeech. Well, I can start off with "very slobbery"...

Toby's grin widened at this comment, making Burgundy nervously chuckle.

BURGUNDY: ...Then again, that isn't necessarily a *bad* thing.

As a thank you for that remark, Toby then slurped Burgundy all the way from head to toe, with the now-wet purple-haired girl looking visibly shaken right after.

BURGUNDY: Oh! Urgh! Well, that felt...kind of nice, I guess.

Her own disgusted facial expression didn't seem to agree with her on this, but she tried to stay professional in her evaluation.

BURGUNDY: Anyways, let's move on!

After drying herself off for a bit, Burgundy then "evaluated" Toby's ears, looking at them carefully.

BURGUNDY: Hmm...nice length...superb hearing...My, you sure have some nice ears!

To prove his great hearing, Toby then playfully dragged his ear up into the air, throwing Burgundy off it and onto the ground. He then proceeded to give her a nice, big kiss, his giant tongue sliding up Burgundy's face and lifting her cheek up, lifting her off the ground before it slurped off in a huge spray of drool.

BURGUNDY: Ohohohohoho...You're too kind...Now, onto your nose!

Burgundy got up off the ground and began examining Toby's nose, feeling it a bit.

BURGUNDY: Fascinating...quite like coal in color...moist, a clear sign of healthiness. I'd assume you have an amazing sense of smell with a nose like that, too!

To confirm, Toby then begun sniffing Burgundy's perfume in deeply, tickling her slightly.

BURGUNDY: Hehehehehehehehe! Cut that out, I'm trying to evaluate you! Now, let's keep moving on!

But Burgundy's scent had already driven Toby into a frenzy. With full intent on licking her, Toby then stared directly at her, panting heavily.

BURGUNDY: Hey, there something wrong?

Then, Toby carried out his assault, with him thoroughly slobbering all over Burgundy from head to toe.

BURGUNDY: *in disgusted voice* Yuck...Very slobbery, as mentioned before.

Toby kept on licking Burgundy, getting her skin, hair, and clothing totally soaked.

BURGUNDY: Hehehehehehe...Actually, once you get used to it, this kind of feels very pleasant! Would you mind continuing, Toby, S'il vous plaît?

Not at all! Toby then continued on with licking her, with the licks slightly intensifying. This in turn got the plum-haired connoisseur to go into a fit of giggles.

BURGUNDY: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Cut that out, this instant!

Toby's instinct was only to keep licking this beautiful plum haired girl, all the way from her head to her toe!

BURGUNDY: Tehehahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! It feels like I'm taking a shower...a slobbery one, at that!

Toby than decided to increase this "shower", giving Burgundy even more thorough licks with twice the slobber!

BURGUNDY: Ohohohohohohohoho! Ok, maybe that's a little too much!

Toby couldn't take it anymore; he then knocked Burgundy to the ground and began licking her with more force than ever!


After a bit of this, Toby proceeded to carefully chomp off Burgundy's shoes and began slurping up her delicate feet.

BURGUNDY: T-toby, what are you-OH!

Toby tried to make her feet as slobbery as the rest of her body, drooling on them with no end.


After drooling on her feet enough, Toby then let up Burgundy and gave her a big, slobbery lick as she did.

BURGUNDY: Hehehehehehehehehe! I guess you pass the evaluation! You are trei magnifique!

Happy to have passed, he then proceeded to give Burgundy's pretty face a big, sweeping lick.

BURGUNDY: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Good dog!

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