Chel 7
The trees around him shook as Toby snuck his way through the jungle. His big nose down on the ground, he sniffed busily as he tried to track down the scent of whoever the scent was. The more he sniffed the more he could recognize it...It was Chel! The Mayan girl that he had met before! Howling in joy now that he had discovered her identity, Toby picked up speed, sniffing along the ground to track her down.

Chel froze as she heard the howl, looking into the jungle around her as she tried to find its source. It sounded familiar, but she couldn't quite place it...She suddenly became aware of the ground shaking under her, and loud booming barks that were steadily getting closer. Chel turned around just in time for a massive, pink tongue to slap against her face, dragging up to her forehead before slurping off in a giant spray of saliva. Chel fell to the ground, her face covered in drool as she looked at the giant form that now stood above her. Chel quickly overcame her shock and grinned, laughing. "Haha! Toby! How've you been doing, boy?"

Toby gave another booming bark and slapped his tongue onto her face again, once again licking her from chin to hairline with his giant, slobbery tongue. Chel leaned down and lightly slapped her knee as she laughed while Toby smacked his lips in pleasure at the taste of the girl's lovely brown skin.

Without warning, Chel flashed the giant dog a saucy wink and said "You want more? Then catch me if you can!" And with that, she broke into a hurried run, her bare feet leaving footprints in the jungle soil as she did.

Toby being bigger than Chel, he was able to catch up to her fairly quickly after shooting off into the jungle, following Chel's heady scent even as he poured on speed to get in front of her. After about thirty seconds of running, Chel rounded a bend in the path to see a large amount of foliage in front of her. Toby would never find her there! Picking up speed, Chel couldn't stop in time as Toby burst out of the bushes with a happy bark. 


The sound echoed through the jungle as Chel ran into Toby's enormous tongue cheek-first. Toby shuddered at the taste of her skin and dragged his tongue slowly but surely up Chel's face, one of the Mayan girl's eyes closing as her cheek was lifted up by Toby's tongue. Her feet actually were lifted up to their tiptoes before Toby's tongue slurped off of her face, sending her stumbling backwards. Chel wiped her cheek with a hand, grinning at Toby. "Wow, you're faster than I thought! Good boy!"

Toby smiled at Chel and panted down at her, his warm breath feeling good on Chel's soaked skin. She ran a hand through her hair teasingly and arched an eyebrow in a coy expression. "How about you give me a two-minute headstart to hide this time? Then we'll see just how fast you can find me! Sound good to you, boy?" Tongue flopping out his mouth, Toby nodded his head.

Chel immediately took off running again, with Toby panting loudly as he began counting each second in his head. The Mayan girl ran deeper into the jungle until she found a large rock with a crevasse below it. Chel immediately squatted down and hid in the crevasse, hugging her knees to her chest as the rock loomed over her like a roof.

Pretty soon Toby had counted off two minutes and howled to let Chel know he was coming. Sticking his nose to the ground he immediately began sniffing, letting her nice scent fill his nostrils. He moved through the jungle rapidly, very quickly following her path and getting closer and closer to the rock until, finally, her smell filled his nostrils to the point where she had to be there. Toby stood outside the crevasse, barking excitedly as his tail wagged back and forth.

Before Chel knew it, the tip of a giant pink tongue stuck under the rock and slapped against her, making her laugh in surprise. The sexy bombshell crawled out of the crevasse and stood before Toby, who was panting hot breath on her. When the dog leaned his head down closer, Chel patted his nose. "Good boy, Toby! Such a strong nose ya got there! Heh!"

This compliment immediately prompted another lick, Toby's slobbery tongue soaking through the fabric of Chel's skimpy two-piece outfit. Chel's whole body shook with laughter as large drops of drool fell from her. She just loved this mutt's affection!

Toby then let a giant, slobbery lick cover Chel's entire body, lifting her off the ground before he dragged it off in a giant spray of saliva. This lick was followed by another, and another, and another, each one knocking Chel back a few steps until she finally fell over and Toby's enormous tongue covered her entire face. Toby stood over Chel, and contented himself with repeatedly slapping her in the face with his tongue, each hit causing a spray of slobber to splatter the ground around them. Chel's cheeks were lifted up as Toby's tongue hit them, though she didn't mind as her laughter filled the jungle.

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