Cinderella, a dainty and spirited peasant girl turned Princess, signed in to the kennel to see Toby. She had heard that he bore a strong resemblance to her own dog Bruno, only much bigger. And when she entered his room and saw him standing over her, smiling and panting, she wasn't disappointed!

CINDERELLA: Oh! Oh my, you are a big fella, aren't you, boy?

Smiling, the girl held up a hand to the dog.

CINDERELLA: Hello, Toby! I'm Cinderella!

Toby gave her hand a giant lick in response.

CINDERELLA: Ah! Ahahahahahahaha!

Cinderella shook her hand free of slobber and beamed up at Toby.

CINDERELLA: Ihihihit's nice to to meet you too, boy!

Toby could tell this girl was abused and unloved by her family, and he would do anything to make her happy! To demonstrate this, he swung his tongue down and licked the side of her face, drenching it completely in wet dog slobber. This made Cinderella fall to her knees, shaking with laughter.

CINDERELLA: Pahahahahahahaha! Gohohohohood boy, Toby!

Grinning, the girl reached over and began scratching Toby's belly in fondness.

CINDERELLA: Your such a good boy! Yesyouare! Yesyouare!

Toby panted in ecstasy, tail thumping and a leg kicking in the air as he was scratched. He was really glad to have met Cinderella, showing his affection with another big slurping lick across her pretty face.

CINDERELLA: Hahahahaha! That tickles!

Cinderella gave Toby a sly smile, eyebrow raised.

CINDERELLA: I must have quite a taste, huh?

Toby answered with another wet kiss, licking his lips afterward.

CINDERELLA: I guess I do! Haha!

The giant dog's giant tongue swung on Cinderella again, soaking her to the skin.

CINDERELLA: Heeheeheeheehee! That feels nice!

Toby then pressed his big nose against Cinderella, taking in deep sniffs of her.

CINDERELLA: So does that! Heeheeheehahahahahaha!

After several whiffs, Toby just began smiling and panting at Cinderella, who smiled up at him.

CINDERELLA: I love you, boy!

She winked and blew the dog a kiss. This earned her one final kiss before she headed out.

CINDERELLA: Oh yes. This will definitely be a place to visit again! Farewell until next time, Toby!

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