When Princess Elyon of Meridian enlisted Basil of Baker Street's services for a problem, he went to follow a lead while telling her to go fetch Toby. All Elyon knew upon entering the room she was directed to was that Toby was a dog. She was not expecting how big a dog he was, and she gasped when she saw him.

ELYON: WOAH! Oh, wow!'re Toby?

Toby nodded while panting excitedly. He leaned down and sniffed his pretty visitor, first around her waist, then took in the scent of her long hair, finally moving his remarkably strong nose to her neck and face, noting the smell of her skin thoroughly.

ELYON: Heeheehee! Nice to get acquainted with you too, boy!

The dog smiled and stuck his tongue out, pressing it firmly against the side of Elyon's face and slowly dragging it all the way up to her bangs, slurping off in a spray of drool.

ELYON: Oh! Hehe!

Elyon touched her wet cheek with a strange smile.

ELYON: Was that your way of saying 'Hi'?

Toby nodded his head vigorously, then gave Elyon another huge lick, this time his tongue dragging up her entire body starting at the feet and slurping off at her cheek.

ELYON: Oh! Hahaha!

The pretty princess touched her wet face again, then noticed a trail of dog slobber on her gown. She gasped briefly, but then just laughed it off.

ELYON: (teasingly) got my beautiful new dress all slobbery!

Judging from her tone of voice that Elyon didn't actually mind, Toby gave her dress another lick as his tongue covered Elyon's whole frontside. The pretty princess smiled and laughed. She then fanned out her drool-covered dress, pretending to sound overly high-strung as she curtsied.

ELYON: (playful fake accent) Sir Toby, we are delighted to have you lick our dress this fine day!

Loving Elyon's cheeky sense of humor, Toby enveloped her entire face in his tongue, slowly dragging up it with a loud, long Ssssssllllluuuuuuuuuuurp!, the skin on Elyon's chin, nose and forehead being lifted up in the process.

ELYON: Kyahaha! Nice one!

While gently stroking Toby's big flopping ear and wiping some of the drool away from her lips, the cute princess encouraged the great basset hound to intensify his playfulness.

ELYON: Wow, what a slurp! Got any more?

SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSLLLLLLLLLLLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURP! Toby gave Elyon another huge slurp up her frontside, a waterfall of drool coming from his tongue as he did. The lick was so strong that it forced the folds of Elyon's dress open, and Toby's tongue slid across her bare legs as a result, giving him an extra taste of her skin. Toby grinned and loudly smacked his lips before licking them as he looked down at Elyon, who had fallen on her backside from the force of Toby's huge tongue and the lack of balance brought on by her girlish giggling. She looked up at the panting hound with a devious smile.

ELYON: Heeeheehee! Awesome! Hmm..I know we're probably running late and worrying Detective Basil but...this is too much fun!

Toby nodded his head vigorously in response, right before covering Elyon's entire face with his huge tongue.

ELYON: Haha! I'm sure he can wait another few minutes!

Seeing the pretty princess laying on the floor, Toby extended his long tongue and repeatedly licked her entire height, tickling her face and drooling on her dress until she was left laying in a puddle of slobber laughing uncontrollably, slapping at the ground and kicking her feet in the air.


All of her kicking eventually caused her wet dress to slip open, exposing her scrawny bare legs. Toby's eyes lit up seeing her lovely legs, so he leaned in to lick her shins through her thighs, his tongue wide enough to lick both at the same time. Hysterical tears welled up in Elyon's eyes, her slapping at the ground turning into pounding as she laughed even harder, while Toby continued to lick at her legs, his tongue slurping off at her knobby knees. 

ELYON: HAHAHAHAHA! That's amazing! 

TOBY: Woof! 

Toby licked his jowls to savor the taste of Elyon's dress and skin, then rested his massive head upon the floor.