Green sauntered into the kennel room of Toby the giant basset hound and casually stretched, waiting for the dog to smell her alluring scent. She then shouted to try and get more attention from Toby.

GREEN: Hey, Toby! You smell that? A special someone is waiting for you!

This worked! And just like that, Toby finally got up and lumbered on over to Green, causing an earthquake in the kennel room, which in turn caused Green to fall down on the floor, right on her butt.

GREEN: Oof! Ouch, that hurt...

As Green was still on the floor, she found Toby sitting right in front of her, panting heavily.

GREEN: OH! Why hello there, boy! Great to see ya!

And so, Toby in turn greeted Green with a booming bark and a huge, friendly lick all the way up her partially exposed body.

GREEN: Hahahahahahahahahaha! I love you too, boy! Ya just need to settle down!

Green proceeded to stand back up and winked at Toby while doing a cute pose. Toby, loving her charm, decided to give yet another massive lick to her sexy body, which left her completely soaked in his love. Green clutched her sides as she laughed over this.

GREEN: Tehahahahahahahahaha! Good boy, good boy!

She then grinned up and giggled at Toby, her eyes sparkling with mischief.

GREEN: Wanna get some other girls in on this party?

Toby then gave a booming bark in response, loving the idea.

GREEN: OK then, Toby! I'll call my closest, personal friends over right now!

Then, after Green had called the girls with her cellphone: Sabrina, Domino, Lovrina, Annie and Oakley walked through the door. All of them were sneaks and thieves like Green herself, thus sharing a bond with her.

GREEN: Oh, hey girls! Glad you all could make it!

Once Toby had noticed a group of beautifully bad girls were standing in front of the door, he then charged right towards them and greeted them with a big, friendly lick, which left them all drenched in slobber!

GIRLS: Tehahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

SABRINA: You just couldn't resist getting us slobbered over again, could you, Green?

GREEN: Are you kidding!? It's one of the funniest things ever!

LOVRINA: So agreed! Hee hee!

Happy that these girls are enjoying his love, Toby then gave them some more love by giving both Green and Lovrina a big lick up both their tiny bodies.

LOVRINA & GREEN: Tehahahahahahahahahaha! Aww, Toby! Thanks!

SABRINA: Well, hehe...on second thought, I guess I could try some more...

Toby was all too willing to give her more of this wet affection he was so good at giving! So, he jerked his head, let out his tongue, and swept it all the way up Sabrina.

SABRINA:  Hehehehehehehe! Actually, this does feel kind of nice!


Lovrina and Green laughed and hugged Sabrina on both sides, then all three of them were slurped up by Toby's massive tongue, leaving them drenched in slobber.  He then turned and did the same to Domino, Annie and Oakley, who all yelped upon being licked, then burst into laughter.

GREEN: All right, now let's get a chase going! SCATTER, GIRLS!

At this, all six naughty ladies began running in separate directions, save for Annie and Oakley who stuck together, leaving Toby to chase them all down.

GREEN: Hehehehehe! Come and catch us, boy!

Toby was determined to do so, and tried to chase them down one by one! He decided first would be Sabrina, and ran towards her at full speed, causing the psychic teen to turn around and give a startled yelp.

SABRINA: Gaaah! Get away! Get awaaaaay!

SHHHHLLLLLUUUUUUP! Sabrina was lifted to her tiptoes and then up into the air as Toby's tongue slammed against her body.  The dog's tail wagged furiously, he loved the taste.

SABRINA: Eeeeeugh....Why me?

GREEN: Hehehe! I'm not sure. Maybe it's because you smell really nice to him!

SABRINA: You could be right...

Toby wanted to prove this by sniffing Sabrina over and giving her face a big old lick.

SABRINA: Hehehehehehe! Oh, Toby! Good dog!

Then Toby caught another great scent, that of Domino! And so he made a beeline for her, with the blond teenager giving a yelp as she saw the dog thunder toward her, tongue out and slobber flying from it in anticipation.

DOMINO: Ah! Toby!

Toby then proceeded to leap towards Domino, knocking her down.

DOMINO: Ow, my aching...AH!

Domino squealed as Toby's tongue smacked against her body and dragged it up.

DOMINO: Hahahahahahahahahaha! Good boy!

LOVRINA: Hey, Toby! You forgot about me!

Toby then turned around and began to run towards her, panting heavily. This of course prompted Lovrina to run in the other direction and cause a chase, which didn't last very long at all before the pink-haired girl felt the dog's humongous wet tongue slap across her backside.

LOVRINA: WAH! Pahahahahahahaha! You caught me, boy!

Lovrina then found herself being licked all across her slender body, Toby's tongue sweeping across her chest, shoulders and face, with slobber drenching her with each slurp. After getting enough of the girl's exceptional taste, Toby sniffed the air and pinpointed the location of Annie and Oakley before promptly charging toward it.


The criminal duo then ran in the opposite direction from Toby. But of course, seeing how easily he caught the other girls had no trouble stopping them in their tracks, as he cornered them into a wall. The two girls shut their eyes in anticipation. Toby then lifted his head and pressed his tongue against the two criminals simultaneously, dragging his tongue up both of them as he covered the girls and the wall behind them in slobber.

ANNIE: Eeeeeheeeheeheehahahahahahahahahaha!

OAKLEY: Ohohohoho Toohohohoby!

Green, Sabrina, Lovrina and Domino walked on over, laughing while Toby continued joyfully licking the two thieves.

GREEN: Hehehehehe! Man, that sure looks like fun!

ANNIE & OAKLEY: Hahahahahahahaha! Yeah! It is!

Toby then quickly turned around and swept his tongue across the four other criminals' bodies, causing them to burst out laughing again as slobber rained down upon their comely bodies.

GREEN: Tehahahahahahahahahahaha! Thanks, Toby!

OTHER GIRLS: Hehehehehehehe! We love you!

All of the girls began hugging Toby's face fondly, with Toby replying with slapping his tongue against them all.

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